Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Contrast.

And New York City is a city of contrasts, photographically and otherwise:

A couple of these photos are already elsewhere on this blog, but I do like them and they seem to fit well this week’s theme…

More New York Cityscapes are here.

Some other nice interpretations I’ve seen:

45 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. Oh! I really like the second one. The blue “eyes” are wonderfully deceptive.

  2. Johna Till Johnson

    :-) I guessed wrong, Vlad–thought you’d post the blue buildings you took from midtown in December….

  3. I love the windows and bare trees

  4. That second one is amazing! I love the reflection in the window! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love the last one!

  6. Beautiful shots :-)

  7. Oooo! We’re going there in May & you have whetted our appetites brilliantly!

  8. I love the second image too … with the two blue boxes! Clever.

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  11. Very cool photos, both together and individually!

  12. All good photos, but the shadows and composition of #2 make it my favorite.

  13. That second snap is fabulous

  14. Wonderful photos! I really like the one with blue windows,

  15. EVERYONE likes the one with the blue windows! :-)

  16. what wonderful photos. I especially like the feel of the two blue windows in an otherwise colourless wall. Your photos of NYC are stunning.

  17. Wow! Stunning photos. I love how you capture so much beauty in New York. It is showing this Aussie a whole other side to your city. All I’ve really seen of it is the Friends, and the Sex and the City TV shows and I’m sure they are not really all that New York City is.

  18. Indeed we do! I’m going to be in NY in 3 weeks’ time-can’t wait to get some good shots!

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  21. great fotos and great comments, discussion. for me too, the second one . . . blue emerging from gray and black . . . is stunning, riveting!

  22. thanks for the ping, i follow your blog and enjoy your adventures, especially in the kayak, thanks again MJ

  23. New York City is a city of contrasts – like every big city on the globe, isn’t it?

  24. Oh, you met that challenge in spades!

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