Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

By Vladimir Brezina

The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge is usually posted on Fridays. It’s now mid-day Monday… Over the weekend, I, and many other people who have been trained to eagerly anticipate the challenge, were almost giving up. In fact, to fill the absence, on Saturday night Ailsa on her blog Where’s my backpack? proposed her own alternative challenge on the theme of “Reflections“, and has been getting a very lively response indeed. My two “Reflections” posts are here and here.

Still, better late than never! This week’s official Photo Challenge is finally here, and it is Blue.

… And immediately

Rather than words comes the thought of high windows:
The sun-comprehending glass,
And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows
Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless.

Philip Larkin, High Windows

That’s it: Blue means opening up, spaces without limits, endless possibilities…

Actually, some of the photos from my “Reflections” posts, here and here, would also have fit the theme very well…

60 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. Stunning as always Vlad!

  2. This is lovely Vladimir :) What a treat… we ended up with two photo challenges :D

  3. Of course not… It would be too exhausting ;) Anyway, this has been fun!!!

  4. Blue of freedom and far away places. Nice choice.

  5. All three of them are so gorgeous, I’m in awe..

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  8. Really really amazing. Hard to decide wich one i like the most. Maybe all of them, oh..
    So for the gap this week, there is someone who step and give a challange? I don’t know that. It’s cool.

    • Well, when there was no official challenge posted for more than a day, people took matters into their own hands. No doubt there are other informal challenges out there, born at times like these, that we don’t know about. It’s like in a nomadic tribe—people will follow the leader they like best at the moment, but they might desert to another when that leader seems stronger… This time it was Ailsa that organized the tribe… ;-)

  9. Just so lovely, Vlad, wonderful capture of the birds in flight. Dreamy. xxx

    • They flew right over us, low. I love the way they sometimes fly just above the water and then lift up at the last minute when they spot an obstacle…

      BTW, you might appreciate my comment just above yours about how you organized the challenge this week ;-)

  10. Love these shots especially the 3rd one! :D

  11. love the image of the birds.

  12. Lovely entry! I especially like the last two of them. :)

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  15. Endless possibilities. I’m liking that right about now.
    Love your blues.

  16. Amazing … speechless :P

  17. Hey, the water on the East Coast looks as blue as the water on the Left Coast :)

  18. I like the one with the geese.

  19. I really like your blue pictures.

  20. Again, lovely blue skies and blue water!

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  22. Great series, I really like the one of the skyline.

  23. Birds in flight – great ….


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