Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Close.

Kayaking around New York Harbor, sometimes we get just a bit too close!

Sometimes we have the upper hand…

… other times clearly not!

My second take on “Close” is here.

Other nice interpretations of “Close”:

80 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. Wow, that’s close, especially by the big boats! Great photos!

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  4. Always fantastic photos collections. :P

  5. Oh, that is CLOSE! And scary.

  6. Northern Narratives

    The last one is amazing. Thanks for the ping :)

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  9. Excellent! Both of them :)

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  12. Brilliant 1st shot!

  13. I love both! The goose looks so scared,I can feel it haha

  14. You are (and that goose) are a brave soul! Your photo challenge entries never fail to impress. ; )

  15. That second picture is amazing! Great job there!

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  17. LonelyTravelog

    Wow tat close to the harbour

  18. I like
    Kayak flees barge …

  19. Excellent shots but that second one is definitely a tad too dangerously close. :-)

  20. Perfect shots for this challenge!!

  21. excellent photos. really like the first shot!

  22. At least you’re more maneuverable than the tanker ;-)

    • But it is considerably faster! It reminds me of the Roman gladiatorial contents in which the opponents had quite different but complementary capabilities… (not that we fight to the death, of course—we run away…)

  23. I love th first shot.

  24. Hello Vladimir :), thanks for the pingback. These are spectacular shots!

    • Thanks, Paula! Love your photos, especially the first one—cool and green…

      • :) thanks a lot :), the first one happens to be my favourite too. I’ve just remembered your post about heat and was wondering what are the temperatures over there today? Here we are having 36 with humidity and it is only mid-June :(.

        • In NYC it’s actually been surprisingly cool so far in June (mid- to upper 70s Fahrenheit, around 25 degrees Celsius)—that is, about the normal June temperatures that one would have expected in years past, but we’ve already got into the habit of expecting extreme heat.

          Now that I’ve written that, I’ve looked up the predicted temperatures for the rest of this week, and, of course, Wednesday and Thursday are predicted to hit record highs (mid-90s)…

  25. A really very nice collection of pictures. You have really illustrated Close in a very creative manner//veronika

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  28. Haha, brilliant as always, Vlad :)

  29. The second one looks scary…

  30. I like your bugs – I always like bugs – but think the two photos here are unique moments, especially the bird. Well caught for that one and I’m glad the second did not catch you.

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  32. Wow! What else can I say? Love both pics :)

    Thanks for the ping

  33. Wow Vladimir, did you escape that big boat by flying away like the bird in the first picture?

  34. Wonderful shots – the goose taking flight is amazing!

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  36. Hi Vladimir, I love your clever take on “close” and “too close!”

  37. I especially like the goose, which I think it is.

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