Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Dreaming.

Dream of ducks, duck dream, ducks dreaming, dreamy ducks…

Other nice interpretations of “Dreaming”:

69 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. What a lovely way to spend Friday the 13th. Sailing. Dreaming. Floating …


  2. I wonder what they’re dreaming about?


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  4. Sleepy ducks :-) Beautiful!


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  6. I love ducks, and this is a gorgeous photo!


  7. How funny! Your sense of humor burns through! Z


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  9. So, so sweet.
    Beautiful interpretation for the challenge.


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  11. Wow – that’s a beautiful image. I wonder what ducks dream about!


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  13. A beautiful photo – what are ducky dreams made of, I wonder – perhaps they dream of having the whole pond to themselves :)


  14. This made me smile! You have a good eye…and you’re a scientist! Makes me giggle. I’m a Pharmacologist!


  15. beautiful and so peaceful!


  16. This is a really serene photograph! Well taken!! :D


  17. Ducks are great…love that you caught two sleeping at the same time…


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  20. Great interpretation


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  22. Hello wind against current. I just wanted to let you know how nice that you put my blog as a other nice interpretations of dreaming. Thank you very much. Take care.


  23. They look so peaceful and dreamy … still waters.


  24. Dreamy ducks…


  25. I’m with Isadora – peaceful, still, dreamy, perfect!


  26. loving the contrast between light and shade, nice capture.


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