Travel Theme: Leading Lines

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel Theme for this week is Leading Lines.

Here’s one that doesn’t travel: his world comes to him. All his lines lead in to the center…

35 responses to “Travel Theme: Leading Lines

  1. I am intrigued by spider webs and have tried to capture photos of them on my patio. They never seem to come out clear enough though, the lines of this one, where it looks like it took on some damage and was “patched up” are great.

  2. Nice interpretation of the theme!!

  3. What a terrific shot … spiders do live in a spider-centric world, don’t they? :-)

  4. excellent choice! i love spider photos :)

  5. awesome!!! great take on the theme!!!

  6. Love your interpretation – great picture.

  7. A really cool picture!

  8. A very cool interpretation!

  9. Wonderful interpretation!

  10. The spider looks very comrfortable .. you captured him very well.
    Great entry for the challenge.

  11. Love your idea for the theme. ;)

  12. Good one, Vlad, a great take on the theme. I love spider webs, and desperately want to capture some sparkling with early morning dew, but I never seem to drag myself out of bed early enough! :)

  13. Well centered, a clever post!

  14. Love it – there is something about a web…I had one in mine this week as well…great minds huh !

  15. Yeah.. I’ve tried capturing spiders as well.. I just got a new point and shoot but the macro is supposed to be better. I would love to be able to get a shot like this.

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