Sunday Post: Autumn, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This is a second post in response to Jakesprinter‘s Sunday Post theme of Autumn (the first post was here).

Fall is just starting here in New York City—but it’s unmistakably on its way. Here are some of the colors we can look forward to in a month or so…

Photos taken around New York City’s Central Park Reservoir in Fall 2011. More photos are here and here.

77 responses to “Sunday Post: Autumn, Take Two

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  2. The photo is very beautiful

  3. Beautiful, especially the first, with the light shining through those leaves. Central Park? And you won’t get those colours for another month or so? It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

  4. Awesome photos. I love the way you have captured the sun rays play with the leaves.. shade some, glow the others..brilliant!

  5. Great photos, I can´t decide which one is my favourite, I´m going to cheat and choose two: the first and the fifth! Love them, great take on the theme! G :)

  6. LOve the photos, Vladimir, specially the first one!!! Such nice colours!!! Nature is an artist!!!! Thanks for being there and showing it to us!

  7. Gorgeous and you are so lucky! We are suffering the third biggest draught on record and are leaves are all shriveled up and dying. I’m afraid we won’t get much of a showing this year.

  8. Beautiful post my friend what a masterpiece shot :)

  9. What a lovely autumn colour!

  10. Really nice – and they have a feeling of possibly being taken from the perspective of a kayak. Like the way you would see things at water level, near the shore, one over the other, the intense blue of the water behind them.

    • Glad you like them! :-)

      I see what you mean about the kayak, but the point of view is significantly different. It’s amazing how low to the water you are in a kayak. You would be looking up at these plants, and it would be hard to get that solid water background behind them. These photos were actually taken from a walkway five feet or more above the water…

  11. Lovely autumn photos. ;)

  12. gorgeous autumn colors…

  13. Wow, those colours! I’d trade our Autumn for your Fall any time – being subtropical, we don’t have the leaves changing that much.

  14. Gorgeous red, orange, and golden leave! Love every single one of them…

  15. what a collection of colour Vladimir

  16. nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld

  17. What a beautifully themed album.

  18. Lovely shots !
    I hate autumn but I love its colours…

  19. lovely photos, I remember the autumn in North America well from my trips on the Great Lakes

  20. Mmmmmm… delicious colors! I miss the East in Autumn. We don’t get a variety of colors out here in Colorado, but the Aspens are glorious!

  21. Awww … I miss Autum in New York. I lived near a state park on Long Isalnd called Belmont Lake state park. I could walk or ride my bicycle to it. There was a walking path that was perfect to view the leaves changing colors in the fall. After a brisk walk, there was all that stale bread to feed the ducks and swans before pedaling home. WOW – I miss that. Thanks for the memories. Your photos took me there instantly.

    • I’ve never been to Belmont Lake State Park — it’s too far inland! ;-) — but I’ve been to enough other parks to be able to imagine how lovely it must be. I would miss it too. Where are you now in the world, Isadora?

      • I’m in Englewood, Florida. It’s a little south of Sarasota (west coast). A quaint little fishing town. Although, it is developing and becoming like so many other places. People have voted down condos so maybe there is hope. ~~~~ : – )

        • Earlier this year we were twice on the west coast of Florida, once not so far from you—in Fort Myers and on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Beautiful! And all that wildlife! Much more interesting than the east coast of Florida…

        • YUP – it’s why we chose this side of Florida. Peaceful and lots of fishing. I must say that Fort Myers is a bit overcrowded. If you like old Floirda style then next time try Englewood, Placida, Venice and Northport. Then e-mail me – my husband and I can give you a tour and a cocktail. ~~~~ : – )

        • Thanks, Isadora! Will do! :-)

          Actually, I’ve been thinking about the Gulf coast of Florida for some time because of an annual kayak (and other small-boat) race, the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, that runs from Tampa Bay to Key Largo. Johna and I are definitely going to do it… one of these years. Something always comes up. We’d ruled it out for 2013, but now there’s again a chance we might be free at the relevant time, in March…

  22. i love the colors of autumn :)

  23. All of these images are beyond stunning! I think it’s the cool colors of teh sky that contrast with the warm reds and yellows. This was a treat to the eyes! Z

  24. Trees are a passion with me…so, I enjoy your pictures immensely! And thank you for visiting my blog!

  25. Beautiful, beautiful colors! Gorgeous post!

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  27. Since I post alot of autumn photos myself I admire your photos very much. Great job.

  28. Love the colors in Central Park. I don’t live in the City so don’t get there often enough but Van Cortlandt Park is closer and I make the most of it. You are right, leaves are beginning to come down and I always watch the trees from my backyard that announce the arrival of Fall, which have a few yellow leaves now. As always Vlad, your pictures are amazing!

    • Thanks, Shaanthz! Let’s hope this year’s Fall is a colorful one!

      Actually, Central Park doesn’t have all that many brilliantly colored trees—nothing like some places upstate. Central Park has a few spots of concentrated vivid red and purple—which I visit again and again!—but most trees are yellow or just brown. There is, however, quite a lot of color in the undergrowth—bushes and vines and such.

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  30. likes your images!

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