Travel Theme: Foliage

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge this week is Foliage.

Looking through my photos, about half of them seem to be of foliage (the other half, of course, kayaking…). So it’s very hard to choose! Still, here are a few shots of the foliage in NYC’s Central Park through the seasons…

81 responses to “Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. Those fiery red ones are amazing., but I love them all. :)

  2. I enjoyed that you had foliage from each season. Nice post, Vladimir.

  3. My favorite place to be in NYC. Beautiful!

  4. Love the red/orange especially.

  5. Love the Central Park! The red/orange is gorgeous!

  6. they are all lovely, but i think my favorite is ‘fall 2011′ the composition is especially nice. i wish i could see these projected on a huge screen!!!! they’re all stunning!

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  8. No words…
    Just beautiful!!!

  9. All lovely shots Vladi !

  10. Oh my, Vlad, they’re all so perfect in totally different ways I can’t choose a favourite.

  11. Amaizing photos!
    It is such a really great work! I found your blog by accident and I loved IT!!

    Congratulations! For such great photos. :D

  12. These are just beautiful..where does this theme originate please?

  13. you blew me away with all this fall foliage – or autumn colours as we say here ;)

  14. The orange of that first tree is so vibrant it glows, you have caught the light just perfectly

  15. just wonderful – I love those fiery reds and golds! Great selection! ;-)

  16. Löv – Feuilles – Leaves…

    The nature is lovely and the coulors are so beautiful…

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  18. Wow, you are very good at trees:-) the first and third are my favourites….but then I have always loved autumn

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  20. Reblogged this on Simply Stunning Images and commented:
    Beautiful colours of foliage. Well worth a look. Don’t forget to visit the original blog too, lots more to see.

  21. Beautiful scenery and needed to be preserved always…

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  23. So wonderful shots… :-)

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  26. Wow! Those colors are fabulous. I miss the fall colors on the West Coast. I grew up in Indiana so I remember fall colors. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m still reeling in that color display. Totally yummy! Came back and see my more muted views. I’ll be following your site. :)

    • Thanks, Marsha! You’ve got some lovely colors on your blog too (if more muted ;-) ). And a great sense of the look and feel, and the history, of your part of the world. I’ll be back! And thanks for following our blog! :-)

      • Thanks. for the kind words. Yes, our part of the world has its own beauty, and I love it. My husband is from New York, so I’m hoping that some day we will take a long trip through that part of the country. So much to see. At least we can see it through you beautiful pictures. :)

        • I’ll try to keep on providing them… :-)

          Yes, your comment did go into the spam… It’s not at all clear why—usually it’s because of links, but your comment doesn’t contain any. Fortunately, I look through the spam often. Not only are there real comments in there, but the actual spam can be weirdly fascinating

        • I totally agree. I have posted them on occasion just because – especially when I was just getting started. Comments stating that I had the most fabulous site on the planet just didn’t sound like spam at the time!!! Thanks again for visiting :)

  27. Wow, so colorful! pretty pictures !

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  31. Oooo, I especially like the 4th & 5th photos – that impressionistic look. Nice! Thank you!

  32. I hesitate to leave comments when a post has so many, but this post is too good to pass over!
    I miss my fall foliage….bigtime! The orange hue in pic 1 (fall 2010) is astounding!!! What a force of nature that tree is!

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