Travel Theme: Couples

By Vladimir Brezina

Here’s another response to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week, Couples. (The first response was here.)

This was just one moment in a long, elaborate dance that this pelican couple performed for the camera…

You can just hear what these couples are saying to each other, can’t you?

59 responses to “Travel Theme: Couples

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Pelicans have the advantage that they can look each other’s eyes when they dance cheek dance – unlike humans… :-)

  3. Beautiful photographs! Great for theme you posted under. The doves and the sea lions are my favorite. Thanks for sharing with us,

  4. the pelicans are really lovely :) and such a show off ^__^

  5. Beautiful photos! Perfect for the pair theme. The first one is an amazing shot!

  6. Stunning photos. Love these!

  7. They’re all gorgeous, but the pelicans are spectacular! Wow!

  8. A like button doesn’t quite do this justice – it needs a Love button!

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  10. They are just precious. What a wonderful world we live in. Great images.

  11. Fantastic!!! the pelicans are my favorite

  12. I enjoyed the link to the original pelican post, as well! The photo above is just a teaser for a wonderful series. ~ Kat

  13. Amazing and wonderful photos. I love them ;)

  14. fabulous images…you are so lucky to have seen those pelicans

  15. Wonderful photos! I like the seals a lot.

  16. I follow another photographer/kayaker from CA because the view is always so unique of the wildlife subjects. Your work is wonderful and I am glad you stopped in at GWGT so that I found my way here. I will be following you now as I just love animals and all things science.

  17. Aww these photos are beautiful! The animals just make them so lively!

  18. Brilliant shots – loving the pelicans who look totally in love and the seals who are clearly having a domestic :-0

  19. Fantastic photos! The pelicans are gorgeous!

  20. Wonderful photo captures!! Such personalities that come through…can’t help but smile while viewing. Thank you for sharing such great shots.

  21. brilliantly beautiful close-ups or may be you were just standing next to them!

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  23. Love the photos! These are just fantastic!

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  25. Superb photographs, thanks for sharing.

  26. Oh these are fabulous Vladimir!

  27. I’m not sure how I missed these–well, actually, it’s probably because I was in Turkey for three weeks, but I am doing catch up. And these photos are spectacular, particularly the first, where the bird couple’s necks twine into a heart-shape. Really stellar photo!

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