Halloween Spooktacular 2012

By Vladimir Brezina

The famous Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village was canceled, or at least postponed, because of Hurricane Sandy. But on the Upper East Side, the Carnegie Hill Neighbors’ second annual “Halloween Spooktacular” block party, held among the elaborate Halloween decorations on East 92nd Street, was even bigger than the first!

A few highlights:

Click on a photo to start slideshow:


26 responses to “Halloween Spooktacular 2012

  1. Johna Till Johnson

    Oh Vlad! Where’s my little medusa… the other post, I hope! :-)
    This was FUN!

  2. Johna Till Johnson

    Ah, there she is! She and “baby bee” are my faves… they were all so cute….

  3. These pictures are precious, especially after the last couple of days. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post. I saw that you are in NYC and came to your site to say I hope your “like” meant that you are safe and dry and have power. What a nice surprise to see some normalcy in my beloved Big Apple! Those of us who live near the Gulf Coast and who live with hurricanes and threats of hurricanes on a regular basis are holding our friends on the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers. Watching the news is like re-living Hurricane Ike…..

  5. Looks like loads of fun…I’m glad you are safe.

  6. Great pictures – all the kids are cute, and baby bee is just adorable! And how great that the children got to do something just for fun after this past week.

  7. Great for the kids Vlad, but it looks as though the parents were having all the fun :)

    • Yes, we commented on that at the time. The parents were having a blast—when they weren’t talking on their cell phones—while the kids often looked a bit unsure what it was all about ;-)

      • Exaacerbated by the recent terror of the storm, do you think, or that these kids live their lives being ‘managed’ by parents and minders?

        • Neither, probably. I think the kids probably enjoyed the storm quite a bit. No, it was simply that many of the kids there were very young, at that age when they get fixated by any random little thing—so while they were excited, they didn’t have much concept of the whole Halloween thing. But there were also many older kids and teenagers there who clearly did know all about the Halloween thing and had been looking forward to it for weeks :-)

        • Of course – and how great the parents went ahead and held the party so everyone could celebrate :)

        • Well, as you said, the party was for the parents just as much as for the children ;-)

  8. I love the facial expressions of these kid! Thank you, Vlad! Hope the power is back…

  9. I love the little bee best of all!

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