Reverse Photo Challenge

By Vladimir Brezina

I saw this scene as the light was fading this afternoon  in New York City’s Central Park (it was autumnal and chilly, by the way)…

What upcoming Photo Challenge should I reserve this photo for, do you think?

196 responses to “Reverse Photo Challenge

  1. Hi Vlady ! I think for a Dream challenge or Magic Moment challenge ;-)
    Good evening

  2. Do they have the “Wow, that’s really, really beautiful!” challenge?

  3. This is one of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen. Great capture! :)

  4. Vlad, you do manage to capture beauty on land and in water. Amazing picture – peaceful, colorful, and so beautiful. Photo challenge Peace/Beautiful

  5. Oh WOW! That’s the only thing I could say…

  6. Unbelievable photo, Vlad. I like all the previous suggestions, but I say save it for the Two-in-One Challenge.

  7. Fantastic! She looks like some mythic goddess from another time…

  8. Beyond words… Thank you Vlad!

  9. I love this…unreal, serene, and beautiful!

  10. Amazing! What an unforgettable image!

  11. the birthing faery goddess photo challenge?

  12. Oh my – I’m going to go pretty much with Renchick: Magical, serene, beautiful!

  13. Pregnant? Or is that too obvious?

    Agree with all the above. I suppose ‘magic moment’ is most apt.

  14. Johna Till Johnson

    That is beautiful! And I like “magic moment”….

    • Me as well….She looks like being in peace with herself and the world….She is in communion with the baby inside her…There is no way the baby can not feel it!!!

  15. This is really a special moment, just an amazing shot!

  16. Possible one-word photo challenges: mystical, serenity, life, calm, wonder. Other possibilities: (wo)man & nature; photo w all colors of the rainbow prominent, but no actual rainbow

  17. This is beautiful! For the challenge, I’d say motherhood, love, life

  18. mother nature and mother all at work at the same time – fantastic

  19. Truly beyond words….
    I love it!

  20. So great captured, an amazing photo… :-)

    Just love it..! ;-)

  21. an ‘In my dreams’ challenge – as would love to be able to take shots like you

  22. These are my suggestions:

  23. When I look at that beautiful image, I see “connected”. Connected to her unborn child, connected to nature, connected to spirit.

  24. A truly magical photo, Vlad! Hope, expectation, reflection, dream?

  25. Eattravelphotograph

    Awesome picture… She looks so peaceful and dreamy..

  26. So beautiful Vlad!

  27. so beautiful!

  28. I agree skinnywench and bambusasolutions this beautiful picture is nature-made all the way :)

  29. Absolutely gorgeous photo :)

  30. Daydream, Suspension (as in a state of), Between (the point between the changes in life), Before.

  31. The composition is lovely, I also like the glow of light beyond the trees in the back ground it lifts the whole photo.

  32. Oh Boy- I hope you can get her a copy- you should !! Its magical!

  33. Wow! What a gorgeous photo. I hope you were able to connect with her and give her a copy.
    Mother earth

  34. Beautiful dreamer. Reminds me of an outdoor production (Heaton Park, Manchester) of A Midsummer Night’s Dream long ago. Gorgeous Titania and the bonus of child within. Fabulous shot Vladimir

  35. This is your best yet, Vlad, it’s perfect. Mother Nature.

  36. Stunning!! Very dreamy and fairy like.

  37. Sweet portrait Vlad…so unusual.

  38. Perfectly Composed ;-)

  39. i saw the title of this post and thought, ‘wow, i really have been off the grid!’
    what an amazing image; it’s as if she was perched there and waiting for someone to take her photo! great great job!

  40. :Taking a load off” – great shot Vlad – a real winner. :)

  41. Lovely shot! What about ‘waiting’?

  42. Exceptional – a fairytale, a love of nature, a beautiful balance of colour…

  43. Lack of words here… The magic of motherhood. The colours and everything. Maybe the way you see the surrounding world when the only thing that matters is – the new life coming. Surreal in a way.

  44. Wow!!! I am breathless looking at this…such a beautiful harmony & contrast of colours…thanks for stopping by Island Vignettes.

  45. Stunning! Photo Challenge: Curves

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  47. Such a beautiful and tender photo!

  48. That baby is gonna have one very beautiful momma picture.

    • At least in virtual reality, since I don’t know who she is ;-)

      Thanks for following our blog!

      • I didn’t have the patience to read through ALL the comments, but you mean to tell me that shot wasn’t staged? That makes it all the more magical and marvelous!

        • Well, it wasn’t staged by me. But it was a photo shoot of some kind—a relatively low-key, amateur one—that I piggybacked on. I took my photo; I have no idea what kind of photo the actual photographer was after… :-)

          Those kinds of things can be seen in Central Park often. Here’s another one from just yesterday:

        • Oh what fun. Once in awhile I’ll run into something like that on the beach… or more often get asked to shoot a pic so a couple can have one with both of them in the shot.

        • Central Park is just a magnet for these kinds of happenings, but you see them in the Manhattan streets too now and again. The low-key ones are often film students doing a project, or a store making an ad for itself. But especially in our neighborhood on the Upper East Side, there are often shoots of mainstream movies—sometimes in the summer there is one every couple of days, it seems—and they block entire streets… A bit inconvenient, but fun to watch!

  49. Wow! Stunning!
    Peace, harmony, fairytale….definitely Fairytale! :)

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