Travel Theme: Soft, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

Here’s a second response to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Soft. (The first response was here.)

The soft light of evening on the water—

43 responses to “Travel Theme: Soft, Take Two

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  2. Soft clouds, water with only soft waves. Even the rocks look mossy and soft. I like it.

  3. Beautiful :) love the magick of sun clouds and water :)

  4. There’s a beautiful soft glow to the sky in the last one Vlad, but I bet Johna will tell you those choppy little wavelets weren’t very soft, and that the reflected light bouncing off those two buildings made her turn her head away! Fun addition :)

    • They feel soft in a kayak—at least until they get a bit bigger ;-)

      • Really? I’d always imagined that those little choppy wavelets would feel just like that – pup pup pup – but you glide though them like butter, eh? How nice! It’s always an education – your pictures on the water :)

        • Well, the waves move a lot more slowly than you might imagine, and when they are rounded like those in the photo, the kayak just bounces gently up and down as it goes over them. Since you control the kayak with your body, you get into a nice smooth sync with them… It’s when the wind picks up and the waves get bigger and steeper that they begin to hit the kayak with a hard shock…

        • One day I’m going to experience how it feels – I was never much into boats (since we had almost no water nearby) but you’ve piqued my interest these last several months and I’ve been imagining adventures by kayak. I was so looking forward to reading about your trip back home from up north the weekend Sandy came … :)

        • Adventures by kayak? Go for it! :-)

          Yes, we were looking forward to our trip north too. In retrospect, the first weekend we planned to go, the weekend before Sandy, would have been perfect—apparently there were fall colors, sunny skies… But we had too much to do, and we thought the next weekend—the Sandy weekend—would be even more perfect. A bird in hand…

          Now kayaking in New York Harbor is at a standstill, although slowly coming back to life. There are still restrictions on recreational boats in the harbor, and various other barriers to getting on the water—for instance, the dock we usually launch from is stuck up in the air at a crazy angle. Fortunately, however, we have the folding boats we can take to launch somewhere else :-)

        • Well, first of all I’ll have to get home and find one to do a test paddle in!

          That first outing on the harbour will be interesting. Vlad – to see Sandy’s work from the water. Hope for everyone’s sake the clean up can be accomplished soon. It will be getting seriously cold soon, won’t it?

        • It’s getting quite cold now (the air, not the water quite yet), but we go out all year. It’s often very peaceful in winter…

        • I hadn’t thought of what it must be like right on the water in the middle of winter – the water’ll be warmer than the air, a lot of the time won’t it. Oh how interesting. Were you both kayakers before you went to live in New York?

        • Well, right about now, in the fall, the water can be warmer than the air. Certainly it often feels that way—when you are paddling into the cold wind, it’s wonderful to dip your hands now and again into the water that in comparison feels bath-warm… :-)

          But later on in the winter, the water is bone-chilling. It gets close to freezing even in New York Harbor, and it does actually freeze, quite reliably every winter, just a few miles up the river.

          No, we both started kayaking in New York City.

    • Johna Till Johnson

      It’s hard to tell, but I THINK I’m wearing sunglasses… so what I was seeing would have belonged in the theme “dark”. :-)

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  6. Love the soft looking moss green rocks

  7. Beautiful soft images. :)

  8. Where are the lovely mossy rocks?

  9. Really pretty colours in the sky…the one with the rocks looks like it was from a separate trip?

  10. Beautiful photos for the challenge, Vlad. :)

  11. Beautiful photos .. I especially like the mossy rocks – that photo has a touch of eternity ..

  12. Wow, just gorgeous. The first looks quite familiar. The fourth – hard to believe that’s the city. Oops! I see it’s not.

  13. I pinned the first photo of the city in the distance on my “Cityscape Photography” board on Pinterest. I hope that’s okay with you.

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