Travel Theme: Mystical

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Mystical. And it makes me very happy to learn that, in choosing that theme, she was inspired by a photo that I posted recently. Unfortunately that means, too, that I can no longer respond to her Mystical challenge with that, my most Mystical photo…

Never mind. Here are a few photos taken at a moment that truly came close to being mystical during one of our paddles in New York Harbor—

More photos and the story are here and here.

50 responses to “Travel Theme: Mystical

  1. oh yes, they are all mystical and lovely! z

  2. yeah.. very mystical situation !

  3. These photos are great, but the first one is amazing! Dude. Very nice.

  4. First one is amazing indeed.

  5. Lovely, and mystical! The last one is my favourite.

  6. beautiful…… mystical indeed ^^

  7. The last one took my breath away- the combination of reflections on the water and the city under an opening sky is truly “mystical”

  8. Beautiful photos :)

  9. I agree…The last one is truly special…Magic…

  10. “Unearthly” is a word that really applies — these images seem to be from another dimension. Beautiful!

  11. Congrats on being the inspiration for a challenge, Vlad. :D Love your gorgeous photos for the theme.

  12. Gorgeous photos – unusual colours. The last one I cannot really figure out…mystical.

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  14. truly mystique!!looks like a city in mars..

  15. I agree with the others, the last one is so perfect

  16. so many of your images have majesty and magic as well

  17. They’re all good, but that first photo? wow…

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  19. I never saw New York like that during the years I lived there. Good for you for rendering it in that light.

  20. I still find it amazing that you Kayak around New York Harbour, it makes your photos totally fascinating to me!

  21. Wow – what gorgeous photography, here and all over your blog. Beautiful.

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  23. Really awesome!!!
    regards from Germany

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  27. Almost too beautiful to be photographs!

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