Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Green.

Kayaking around New York Harbor, we see quite a few green sights…

A second “Green” post is here.

76 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  1. How nice and creative for this theme !

  2. I especially love Liberty… had forgotten she was green :-)

  3. Hear, hear! I’ve seen lots of pretty nature shots as a response to this challenge, so it’s good to find something different.

  4. I love the swimmer shot…. where were you standing?

  5. Very appropriate and creative! And, it’s right in my own backyard!

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  7. I like the tugboat race. Because that’s not something you get to say very often. Tugboat race. Tugboat race. Cool!

  8. I particularly like the buoy; but better still is the crane barge and accompanying rubbish (?) – such a contrast with the frequent association of green with environmentalism.

  9. The bright pop of green in each photo was great — different than any other response I have seen so far! ~ Kat

  10. Great selections for the green! The first one says something about “green”…

  11. Wow! You have some serious green focal points in some of these images!
    Great work! Z

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  13. wonderful perspectives :)

  14. Great selections and very different too.


  15. First picture is my favorite. It’s like a monster :D

  16. Nice perspective on green.

  17. Really great shots – a green color maybe better catch our eyes around a harbor than many other colors..? :-)

  18. That lime green crane is intense!

  19. Super green – what kind of birds are those hanging around on the buoy?

  20. I like the tugboat race photo:

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  22. I like the last picture best. I wonder what those birdies are talking about. Looks like they have a jolly good conversation!

    I mean.. I would being up there ;)

  23. Oh, these are very well done. I like how you chose pictures that highlight green rather than just have a lot of green in ‘em. Excellent take on the theme. I’m not too sure which is my favorite…maybe the last one. The two black birds set off the green nicely.

  24. Wonderful- just how many photos do you both have?

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  28. it’s amazing how a simple scenery can bring magic to a trained eye.

  29. Unusual greens, love it.

  30. You can’t miss THAT buoy!

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  32. These pictures stand out from the rest of the greens.

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  34. Great greens — very original selections!

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