Images of Fall

By Vladimir Brezina

Even though upstate the trees are already bare, here in New York City, in our heat island, Fall is still very much with us… Here are a few photos taken over the last few days in Central Park.

Many more photos are here.

59 responses to “Images of Fall

  1. So very beautiful….. Here in Sweden it’s all gone…..

  2. Very well captured, great colors… :-)

  3. Beautiful!!!! Here in Spain is like in NYC: we still have colours and lights….

  4. Beautiful :) love the colours of autumn but dont have an autumn in the sub tropics :p

  5. I like special the 7th, it looks like pearl on a row :-)

  6. Vladi – Hang on to those remaining days of Fall ’cause Ol’ Man Winter is just around the corner. Brrrr. Great, COLORFUL shots. Nicely done!

  7. those are wonderful..

  8. Gorgeous colors! Ours are pretty much finished here in central Indiana.

  9. it’s an aging season yet has its beauty that you managed to show

  10. I’d frame number 8 and put it on my wall. So beautiful!

  11. Wow, brilliant fall colors. Ours is gone here in Indiana, but I could look at these all year. Fall is my favorite season. Wonderfully done. Thank you for sharing :)

  12. These autumn colours are magnificent. We have about 5 minutes of autumn here in Johannesburg, and so we do not get to enjoy the warm, rich colours like this.

  13. You have an amazing talent for capturing the light when it is just right.

  14. beautiful beautiful colors ^^

  15. Love the backlit golden pussywillow (?) leaves – great shot!

  16. Gorgeous collection and I’m with composer in the garden (not literally) — especially Image of fall 8, those pussy willow-like buds backlit.

  17. My favourite season it’s Fall, and these photos are really beautiful! The colors are really bright… I wish I would be there to see and touch them!

  18. I like all the milk weeds on the picasa page, too – always love those. I don’t see them here on the west coast -

  19. The first tree caught my eye. The foreground seems to blend with the background making the whole photo spectacular. The colors are rich! Great photo!

  20. I love fall!! Brilliant colors and details and perspective. díky

  21. Beautiful pictures and amazing colors :)

  22. wow! very picturesque – the light is beautifully captured apart from the colours.

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  25. I’m surprised to see fluff on milkweed pods so late in the year.

  26. That’s beautiful colouring. Nature has a wonderful colour scheme

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