By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0065 cropped small 3DSC_0014 cropped smallDSC_0026 cropped smallDSC_0057 cropped small

40 responses to “Lilies

  1. Oh lucky you two – lilies in the house :) Great shots Vlad!

  2. wicked colour detail and no kayak’s :D

  3. Beautiful pictures. I am so tempted to save the second pic on my desktop and use it as a background! :)

  4. Beautiful golden-yellow on display. Nicely done.

  5. My mom’s name – and as beautiful as she is, even at 90 . :-)

  6. LOVE > LOVE > LOVE These beautiful pictures.

  7. What beautiful Flowers and Photographs of them!

  8. Beautiful images, Vlad — you inspired me — I have two lily shots to share.

  9. I love the composition on these – they turned out wonderfully!


  10. That certainly brings a bit of summer into the house!

  11. So beautiful! Your first image, in particular, makes me think of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. Love it!

  12. Beautiful. My favorites are the first and the last.

  13. These are are absolutely stunning!

  14. The yellow flower against the black makes for a good photo!

  15. Great shots! What lens are you using?

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