Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Delicate.

Flowers, of course… but also the way insects hold on to them, right way up or upside down, with a delicate touch…

Fly on crocusMonarch 1Monarch 2Cloudless Sulphur and bee

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104 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. The first shot’s wonderfully detailed, even if it does feature an, ulp, fly. And I love the two monarch shots :)

  2. Love the butterflies…

  3. These are so beautiful. Delicate and beautiful.

  4. Perfectly delicate for the theme!

  5. The bee is delicate and at one point almost extinct !

  6. they are so beautiful :)

  7. Those are all beautiful, but the fly one is especially spectacular.

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  11. Just beautiful, Vlad – delicate and exquisite. What an eye you have!

  12. Great entry for this theme, Vlad! The word delicate definitely comes to mind!

  13. beautiful Vlad…so clear. We are overrun with Monarch butterflies at the moment, some areas are running out of the plants they feed on

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  15. Gorgeous for days. Love these!

  16. Delicate indeed — very nice, Vlad!

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  18. was just thinking to post butterflies photo too,loved the monarch nothing as delicate as babies,butterflies,doves,puppies

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  20. All wonderfully delicate.

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  22. So lovely to see these photos as we transition from fall to winter…

  23. These are all beautiful; but the last with the yellow and purple flowers is particularly gorgeous.

  24. Your pictures are so beautiful.. stunning!

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  26. Hi Vladimir, Beautiful images- love butterflies and they are not easy to capture! Thank you for your mention of my blog-appreciate it!

  27. Wow, exquisite – I really like butterflies but they rarely stay still for long – you have done an excellent job capturing them!

  28. I love the last photo – blue and yellow together…gorgeous!

  29. These photos are not only delicate…they are delightful too! In the winter months when the days have a tendency to be a little on the dreary side, these photos were very refreshing! You are an amazing photographer! :)

  30. Two posts in a row now we get to see a different side of your photography. It’s quite a change from the Gowanus Canal.

  31. Northern Narratives

    Love the butterflies.

  32. Very lovely and properly exposed closeups. Wonderful colors in those Monarch images!

  33. Congratulations – your photos of the butterflies on the flowers are brilliant.

  34. I am used to seeing butterflies drink nectar, but never a fly. Fascinating!

  35. How did you get them to hold still for you? Amazing.
    Sorry about this, but I loathe insects —
    but even I think that first shot is amazingly delicate and beautiful.

  36. Fantastic images- thanks for sharing!

  37. I love butterfly time of the year. :) It’s so warm.

  38. Stunning shots :)

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