By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0069 cropped small

… like a sea-anemone
Or simple snail, there cautiously
Unfolds, emerges, what I am.

Philip Larkin, Best Society

DSC_0070 cropped smallDSC_0084 cropped smallDSC_0158 cropped smallDSC_0183 cropped smallDSC_0188 cropped smallDSC_0221 cropped smallDSC_0224 cropped small

But, contrary to Larkin, the best society is not always solitude…

DSC_0118 cropped small

(St. Pete Beach, Florida, December 2012)

86 responses to “Emergence

  1. Thank you for the description and amazing photos.

  2. Great series – and what a great find, not one but two live nautiluses!

  3. Fantastic series! I just love their “faces”. Wonderful capture!

  4. These are crazy cool, Vlad, wonderful shots. Emergence 3 reminds me of Marty Feldman :)

  5. So nice Vladimir! I have never seen one out of the shell! Love its eyes!!! Great! Thanks for sharing it!
    Feliz Navidad!

  6. so theses are the creatures that occupy these lovely shells – they are as cute as caricatures. Right place,right time for these captivating captures!

  7. What a wonderful shots!

  8. Great photos, I enjoyed looking through this post.

  9. Wonderful shots, Vlad! I love the first one for the patterns in the sand – beautiful. But then there are the eyes on stalks peering out of the shell – I feel like that sometimes, early in the morning!

  10. What an interesting looking fellow!

  11. What astonishing photos! (The one that really took me by surprise was the first one, with the trail where the creature had bumbled its way across the sand.) I’ve seen those shells, of course, but I never saw the living animal before. Where did you come across it?

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  13. Travels with Paddles

    Great series, thanks for sharing, Vlad. I had never seen a live one before, but they look so cute! Beautiful colours too. Isn’t nature amazing?

  14. These are awesome, Vlad! Love the close-ups. Can’t wait to show the kids!

  15. So very cool shots! Thank you so much Vlad!

  16. What a fantastic scene you captured and the quote holds great personal significance for me. Nice post.

  17. What great shots. From the back, they look so dignified.Then you get ’round to the other side and you see those crazy eyestalks! Like some mollusk reincarnation of Marty Feldman.

  18. westseventhfreelance

    What a fantastic series of photos!!! I have never actually seen the living critter in one of these shells! Very cool!

  19. AMAZING>>> How long did this take? The little eye balls are freaking me out…in a cover my eyes and look again way…..These are striking pictures.

    • I took many photos, of which these are just a small selection, over many minutes. It took a while. They do move slowly, or rather tentatively—they extend slowly out of the shell, feeling their way around, although they can withdraw in a flash if danger threatens…

  20. This is the first time I’ve seen what’s inside one of these shells. I have one. I won’t look at it the same way again :)

  21. That is very cool. Terrific images.

  22. I’ve never seen these! Imagine what they would look like if we were the size of a grain of sand…

  23. These are so cool! Marty Feldman indeed! I was thinking a creature in the Star Wars bar scene or from Men in Black. And here I thought those characters were just figments of someone’s imagination.

  24. Love it!! Those eyes! How wonderful. Thank you having the patience to watch and watch, and for bending way down for the conch’s eye view! This is a gift -

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  26. The perfect light to capture these little guys.

  27. What an incredible sight to see these beautiful ‘shells’ alive and in action :) fantastic shots :)

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  29. petit4chocolatier

    Incredible on every level possible!!

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  31. Oh, more weird cuteness <3

  32. That is amazing! I had no idea what lived in there. Thanks for sharing.

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  34. turning50isabyatch

    Reblogged this on TURNING 50 IS A BITCH!!! and commented:
    This is just absolutely amazing. I love this so much especially because I grew up in the Caribbean. Sigh.

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  36. Thanks for leaving the link, I thought I had seen photos like these before…

  37. What amazing little creatures they are! They brought a smile to my face. :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

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