Weekly Photo Challenge: Our 2012 in Pictures

By Vladimir Brezina

The last weekly Photo Challenge of 2012 is—My 2012 in Pictures!

It’s been impossible to select the best photos. There are just too many photos to look through—I’ve posted more than 2,000 on this blog in 2012—and it takes more resolution than I am capable of at the moment to cull them severely. It’s like killing your children…

So here are, by no means the best photos of 2012, but just 12—one for each month—that in future years may remind Johna and me of some of the memorable stories of 2012—

The stories and more photos are here:

We hope that 2013 will turn out to be equally memorable and picturesque!

74 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Our 2012 in Pictures

  1. Hard to choose a favorite!! Lovely year you both had!

  2. Great great great!!! — You guys circumnavigated Long Island? What’s it – 120 miles long (island)? Must have taken a while — where did you stay — or better yet I’ll read the blog entry the blog entry. The conch is cool — I’ve never seen one in that state. I look forward to following your adventures in 2013.

    • The Long Island circumnavigation was our big adventure this past summer. 285 (land) miles, 10 days. Take a look at the detailed writeup with photos, in (so far) 11 parts, starting here!

      Hope to have you with us in 2013! Happy New Year, Frank!

      • Of course! I’ll follow you adventures. BTW I spent my teen years on Long Island — Huntington Station — except for a couple of fishing trips not much boating tho. You seem to travel on water where I’ve been on land — sorta.

        • Yes, very much so! By now I know the Long Island shoreline (and that of Connecticut, and the Hudson River) pretty intimately from the water side, but often I would be hard pushed to tell you what was in the same spot on land. Just as nautical charts show fine detail of the watery regions but not much of the land, the exact converse of land maps…

        • Another BTW — BTW — the 120 miles is the length of the island, I believe. So not surprised to read its 285 around. Did you stop at Shelter Island? My wife and I spent a lovely long weekend there early in our relationship (over 30 years ago). We biked and took ferries (of course) visited Sag Harbor and thought about Steinbeck who had history there. Once you get past the nearly endless suburbs the island has lots to offer. (I will read your bloggy history)

        • We stayed one night in Greenport, just next to the Shelter Island ferry… so we saw Shelter Island from close up, but we never actually set foot on it. We did hear a lot of good things about Shelter Island. And in general we did not have quite as much time to explore the region between the forks as we would have liked to have—that’s a part of Long Island that we definitely want to go back to!

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  4. Fascinating year with Wind Against Current – I look forward to more adventures.

  5. Great choices to reflect back on the year! We just enjoyed a few days in your fine city and I thought of the “Wind Against Current” as we took the Statue Cruises harbor cruise and drifted by the skyline and Lady Liberty. ~ Kat

    • I hope you had a good time, Kat! You might well have seen us on the water during your harbor cruise, except that the dock that we launch from to go to the Battery and the Statue of Liberty is still out of commission after Hurricane Sandy, and so we have to launch elsewhere…

      Happy 2013!

  6. Great choices! Happy New Year!

  7. It looks like a busy 2012! Great photos.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful shots! I LOVE the one of the pelicans. I’ve never seen birds do that before and pelicans are among my favorites! Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog — I might never have found yours and those adorable pelicans!! You must have had a long lens……..

  9. You weren’t upstate kayaking the Lower Moose River at the end of September, were you? :p I nearly included a shot of a pair of kayakers going over a ten foot drop in my Photo Challenge post! On a more serious note, your blog is fantastic! Great storytelling, and I love the photography. Hopefully next year is just as productive, and if you ever make a trip way, way, upstate (we have some great kayaking!), look me up.

    • It wasn’t us—we’ve done no river kayaking to speak of. But we’ve talked about getting more into it, and if we come upstate, we’ll certainly look you up! Thanks so much for the kind offer :-)

      And of course Happy 2013!

  10. I loved your gallery! I remember reading you post about the aborted kayak trip way back in January and really enjoying it. It kind of made me think a little about learning to Kayak. maybe I will in 2013! :)

  11. Killing your children – really! With your amazing photos and stories I have to agree. I need to read the Red Hook story – and I love the crocus with bee and the tug races. Best new Year to you both and many more happy adventures.

  12. Fabulous shots you two! I agree, it’s hard to choose, but it’s a good representation of all the great photos you’ve posted.

    Happy New Year, from our coast to yours!

  13. Oh those crocuses! xxx

  14. I have been enjoying following your kayak adventures…looking forward to seeing what next year will bring!

  15. Thanks for a great year of showing us the waters around the city many of us call home….your blog postings were truly out of this world – both with beautiful pictures and narrative. Wishing you both a very Happy 2013 with more kayaking and pictures for us :) Stay well!

  16. Beautiful shot of the pelicans.

  17. Love those pelicans… ;-)
    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Happy New Year to You & Yours!.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥
    ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.★★.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜” Have a restful weekend!

  18. wow re the last picture!

  19. beautiful photos.. you’ve got a great eye!

  20. What a year, many adventurous tales. Have enjoyed travelling along through your wonderful blog. Best wishes for 2013!

  21. The year of fun and sad tears!

    Have a Blissful Happy New Year.:)

  22. Vladi, we’ve got wonderful shots all year long!
    keep it up !
    Happy new year

  23. Great look back on 2012, Vladi. Best wishes to you and your kayak for twenty-thirteen.

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  25. Really nice selection. Happy 2013! :)

  26. Very nice! I had to go with the one a month idea too. It was fun looking through all of my photos again as I chose.

    I understand your sentiment…”like killing your children”…it is impossible for me to choose which to get rid of. Thankfully, I recently spent the better part of a day transferring my 2012 photo onto an external hard drive so I don’t lose them should my ancient laptop decide to bow out.

    • Yes, definitely back up, preferably multiple times. You’ll be glad you did. Of course, then you have to maintain those backups and make sure that they remain readable as the technology changes… and all that just gets worse as you take more photographs ;-)

      Happy New Year!

  27. Happy New Year to you and your family :)

    It’s so difficult to choose among all those memorable moments of 2012, isn’t it? But you’ve chosen so great pictures ..thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  28. Nice shots Vladimir, and you blog in a very organized way (makes me feel lame). Happy New Year!

    • Organization is overrated ;-) It’s just a matter of putting things in the right slots as you go along, and not falling behind. You make up for it by having such beautiful photos! Happy New Year!

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  30. Love, love, love your blog! Thank you for sharing. When people combine and intermix their passions, it seems to me that great things can emerge. I will be following this interaction on your page closely. billyeats.com

  31. You have some wonderful images throughout your blog, I look forward to seeing more in the coming year. Thanks too for liking so much of my blog, I hope you will continue to enjoy future posts as I work to increase my postings in the coming year. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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  33. You have some interesting shots in your gallery. So that is what a conch looks like! Wonderful pelican pose.

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