Travel Theme: Glass

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Glass.

But I didn’t have to travel very far for these glasses…

DSC_0117 cropped smallDSC_0001 cropped smallDSC_0136 cropped smallDSC_0121 cropped smallDSC_0119 cropped small

26 responses to “Travel Theme: Glass

  1. they’re beautiful and would make a great pencil study!

  2. I like transparencies! Well done !

  3. I think I will have a wine to study them….

  4. I love how even the clear glassware reflects some color.

  5. Beautiful. As Prague is full of glass like this, I have very similar shots from glass shop in different glass colors :-). But your shots are very nice, therefore I will choose st else for my Travel Theme post :-).

  6. a wonderful series of photos, each one so rich in line and colour, intriguing and enticing!

  7. Beautifully photographed. Clear glass, to me, is hard to photograph. Great selections for challenge,

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  9. Very interesting! Super!!!

  10. How very pretty. The little bit of color is brilliant.

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