Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Beyond.

When paddling counterclockwise around Manhattan, or down the Hudson River back to the city, there comes that breathtaking moment when the distant vista of Midtown Manhattan comes into view beyond the George Washington Bridge.

I always take a photo at that point. By now I have many, in rain and sunshine, day and night… Here are a few of them.

IMGP0145 croppedDCP_0532 croppedVista of the cityIMGP2369 cropped smallIMGP4480%2520cropped%2520smallIMGP7311 cropped smallDCP_0499 croppedIMGP2381 cropped smallApril 2012IMGP4474 cropped smallIMGP7312 cropped smallApril 2012IMGP2910 cropped small

More photos from these trips are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

111 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. very exciting pictures!!!

  2. Your photographs continue to take my breath away.

  3. Reblogged this on The Boston Harbor Picayune and commented:
    Got caught in a few traffic jams on the GW on my way back to Boston from D.C. a few times.

    Nice to see the bridge from your perspective instead of being on it!

  4. Beautiful photos. I was on Spirit Cruses when we approach the George Washington Bridge and it was an amazing sight as your photos show. I bet it was especially awesome being so close to the water especially at dust.


  5. Excellent photos – it’s a beautiful bridge… :-)

  6. Lovely views…I hope to one day see it in person! =)

  7. Awesome pictures. As I type this, I can see the magnificent GWB in the distance with its twinkling lights, and your pictures truly capture all its glory.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful perspective of the bridge and beyond.

  9. Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing these!

  10. Those are all great shots. The bridge is a great symbol for ‘beyond’.

  11. Hi, you and your wife are such avid kayakers, and take beautiful pictures. You may enjoy this, a video my husband made while we were in Florida…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRMBm8C_ii8

    • Lovely video—thanks so much! Very evocative of Florida paddling :-) We were in Florida too not too long ago, although on the opposite side, on the Gulf coast—I hope to post some pictures from there any day now ;-)

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  13. Such interesting shots! God bless!

  14. I like the capture of the first. Clouds looked like cottons in the sky! :D

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  18. Those are fantastic! You are very brave. I am too afraid to bring my camera anywhere near water!

  19. These pictures are amazing, but it all looks very scary to me. Beyond anything I could do!

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  21. All are amazingly awesome Pics…loved the first one with all clouds

  22. Always I am there is with a lot of traffic and stress…But you are so lucky to see it from outside the noise and stress!!!!
    I love your pics, specially with the sunset…
    Steel bridges have a magic atmosphere….

  23. Great shots Vladi ! It’s fantastic for me to see NY from your point of view :-D

  24. Wonderful selection of views!

  25. Beautiful shots! Beyond the bridges, East Coast/West Coast :)

  26. The second pic is absolutely gorgeous! You should make a time spun video of all these pics. :)

  27. thanks for sharing these beautiful moments, all of them with such different lighting.

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  29. Fabulous photos of the NYC skyline. Definitely captures the theme. :)

  30. A nicely captured view of the city I bet few ever get to experience.

  31. I would expect the Hudson river to not be very still, and actually rather agitated for paddling on it. Kudos for paddling on it, and for managing to take such pictures at the same time!

    • Well, it’s not still at all, but not necessarily agitated. Even though it might move at much the same speed sometimes, it’s not like a narrow whitewater river—it is so broad that when you are away from the shore, you don’t even notice that the entire river is moving with you in it…

      But then again, there are often quite big waves due to Wind Against Current ;-)

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  33. There are some very choppy waves in #5. I think that would be kind of unnerving…

    • That happens when the wind blows against the current (Wind Against Current… ;-) ) But the waves never get really big in such protected water. Out on the ocean it can be a very different story…

      • I have limited experience with kayaking. Once, when I was in Fiji, I was kayaking near the shore and all the sudden the ocean decided to show me who is in charge. No matter how hard I paddled, I couldn’t make any progress. I will never forget such feeling of helplessness…

  34. Loving the pics! Inspiring, actually. Now I suddenly have an urge to try kayaking under the Golden Gate Bridge :)

  35. Now that you mention it, perhaps I should begin my kayaking future a little closer to shore since I’m a newbie. :)

  36. I kite! Were you flying from the kayak? That’s so cool. Great photos as always, of a landmark I’ve loved for so many years – it’s great to see that view from other perspectives too – from a plane, or even the West Side Hwy! And once I had dinner at an apartment just “beyond” the GWB, about 15 floors up – what a view that was – all doctor’s housing, too bad.

    • Not my kite—someone else’s escapee, in the strong wind on that day…

      I have done some kite-flying from a kayak, but the point there is to have a traction kite that will pull your kayak along so you don’t have to paddle :-) This kite wouldn’t do the job, and in any case the wind at that point was blowing in exactly the wrong direction…

  37. Vladimir,
    Nice shots…I especially like the second photo because my eye went to the red lighthouse (or buoy) under the bridge. I also like the shot with the kite and the last photo…

  38. Thank you for “liking” my story :).

  39. Could there be a best in this lot? Ninth one down maybe, misty, evocative, beyond…

  40. Yup that’s the one I meant – I made the same mistake again on the check, counted the sixth as two photos because the bridge bisects one long one across the middle. Whatever, got another look at them all, worth doing!

  41. Great record of that magical moment. One of the photos jogs a memory of my own, coming back down the river on a sailboat (the only time I had the privileged experience.)
    The one with rough brown water reminds me that the Hudson is a mighty river, not always placid, and how formidable it must be on those occasions in a kayak!

    • The Hudson is certainly not always placid, occasionally it can be formidable, but it is always circumscribed, in the sense that there is land all around and you can always—if sometimes at considerable inconvenience and embarrassment—get out of danger. Not so on the open ocean…

  42. These photos make me wish I was near water, again. They are vivid so much so that I can feel the breeze, hear the sounds, and smell the air. My favorite is without a doubt the 2nd one with the rain in the distance. The lighting brings the light grey tone of the steel bridge to the forefront. Just beautiful!

  43. Amazing shots of the bridge! :-)

  44. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy my little cutie pie bird. Thanks for sharing your experience. I esp. like the one with that beautiful kite.

  45. Dear Vladimir,

    I really envy your adventures along the Hudson River, drifting over those placid, sometimes choppy, chocolate or blue waters, with that awesome view of the bridge holding its breath to let you pass under the iron belly.
    Those are the moments which make life magic and special. Keep going and God bless you!


  46. That’s clearly quite the trip. Who flew the kite?

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