Gulf Coast Sunset

By Vladimir Brezina

It’s freezing in New York City this week… so why not post a few photos of a warm, tropical beach in Florida?

St. Pete Beach, Florida, December 2012.

DSC_0005 cropped smallDSC_0286 cropped smallDSC_0315 cropped smallDSC_0291 cropped smallDSC_0389 cropped small

More photos are here.

51 responses to “Gulf Coast Sunset

  1. Why not, indeed. Thanks for the “warm up.”

  2. It’s freezing in Montreal too! I could really use warmth right now, and your photos just provided some. Thank you. These are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful! We moved from the Tampa area a few years ago, and your photographs make me a little homesick for it. Especially when it’s 20 degrees out :-)

  4. I am just 45 minutes below where you were, in the small city of Bradenton. Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of our Florida weather! It’s very chilly now, at least for a Floridian! Maybe it’s still warm for a New Yorker!

  5. i love how the pinks from the first photo seemed to bleed into the sky on the second photo! nice images that reflect a well-earned break!

  6. I could use some of that! Beautiful pictures! :-)

  7. A little bit of warmth wouldn’t go amiss right now. Great shots to temper this cold winter day in the Pacific North West. That one of the two seagulls flying through the sunset is a real gem!

  8. Beautiful Day with a perfect ending :)

  9. I have this very picture – height of the sun unfortunately but some hotel – was it the hotel in ‘some like hot ‘ Jack Lemon & Tony Curtis classic?

  10. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! I needed that! Brrrrrrr…

  11. lovely photos..the 4th shot with flying birds is really awesome as complemented by the beautiful colors of sunset..

  12. As I read this and enjoy these photos, freezing doesn’t begin to cover it. I woke up to -2°F this morning!

  13. It’s hot here in Southern Africa, but I still appreciate a beautiful sunset!

    • I know it’s hot in other parts of the world right now—Southern Africa, not to mention Australia… Even Florida has that problem in the summer—last August when we were in Key Biscayne, before dawn it was pleasantly cool for a walk along the beach, but as soon as the sun came up the air turned into an oven…

  14. Love the flying pelicans against the sunset! When they are on the ground, it seems impossible that they can be so graceful in water and air and actually aerodynamic.

  15. Yes some warm sunshine would be lovely right now. It’s warmed up to a balmy 15 F here, with the wind whipping it feels below zero.

  16. Love the colors …and the daydreams. Thanks! I needed that!

  17. Love the one of birds in flight at day’s end. Glorious sunset. Beautiful imagery.

  18. Wow, what impressive photos! Absolutely gorgeous!

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