Travel Theme: Walls

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Walls.

Kayaking around the highly urban New York Harbor, we pass by many colorful and inspirational walls…

IMGP1050 cropped smallNo Guts No GloryIMGP4743 cropped small"Alas this bitter life filled with sweet dreams"IMGP0247 cropped small 2

More on the marine art of New York Harbor is here.

51 responses to “Travel Theme: Walls

  1. wow, who’d a thought these great wall photos in a kayak!!

  2. At least you can say you really saw a dragon :)

    • A sea monster!

      And here’s another:

      • LOVE IT!!!!

        How do you reply with a picture please Vladimir ?

        • How to incorporate a picture in a comment:

          First, you have to upload the picture into the Media Library, which will then provide you with the URL of the picture.

          In the comment, enter the appropriate HTML code, minimally

          <img src=”URL”>

          But I use <a href=”URL” title=”TITLE” target=”_blank”><img src=”URL” width=”WIDTH”></a> to make it a bit nicer.

          It’s possible that your particular theme may provide some higher-level way to insert pictures into comments, rather than using the low-level HTML as above, but I doubt it.

          All this means that I can insert pictures into my own blog, but not into yours (because I don’t have access to your Media Library), and vice versa. When I comment on your blog, the best I can do is to insert a link, which when clicked on will lead to the picture stored on my blog, but won’t automatically display as a picture on your blog.

        • Oh my!! Thank you– I will practice!! Thanks! I still can’t figure out the mosaic feature …laughing!

        • Can I repost your instructions into my other blog, A Daily Life? I’ll give full credit.


        • They were given to me but I see no reason way Vladimir would care. We are all here to help each other I think?

        • By all means, Nancy!

          (Actually, rereading it, I see that it should be quite possible to post a picture on someone else’s blog (although I haven’t tried it!). You just have to supply a valid URL. But if the picture does not reside on that same blog, (a) posting the picture might be seen as a hostile act :-), and (b) there is no guarantee that the picture will continue to appear in the future—it could disappear without warning if that URL ceases to be valid, and that is beyond the control of the owner of that blog. It’s also possible that WordPress has safeguards against this kind of post.)

  3. Great perspective for wall photos. I really enjoyed these

  4. It’s just amazing what you only see from the water…These are great!

  5. i only paddle a little, and then in the countryside , so it is a big surprise to see these walls, yet of course i notice them when in a city harbour ..thanks vlad :)

  6. The sea serpent of New York! :D

  7. Love the sea monster. Such different views than we see paddling around the marshes and rivers in the country.

  8. That last photo. . . that’s exactly the part in the movie where the sea monster rises up behind the kayaker and. . . ;o)

  9. Loved seeing Johna’s big smile!


    • Thanks, Nancy! She will like that…:-)

      • She really lights up the pictures when you catch her like that.

        • I am not one to disagree :-)

          Here’s another one, closer up. I debated for some time between the two—

        • Johna Till Johnson

          As indeed I do (like that). Thanks for the kind words! It’s a bit of a surprise to have an emerging identity as “kayak model”…. I think I convinced Vlad to give me a dollar once, so I can list “professional kayak model” on my resume :-D :-D :-D.

        • You’re welcome. I do enjoy seeing you in the photos and am glad you let him post them.

          I think that professional kayak model is the perfect addition to your already extensive resume – and quite different too! It wouldn’t surprise me but that there would be a call for that. One of the former Miss America’s made a good living modeling gear for fly fishing. She was an actual fly fisherman too, not just posing.

        • Johna Till Johnson

          :-) Miss America? I love the comparison, and thank you!!!

          As for “letting” Vlad do things–the man’s a force of nature, I just go along for the ride. Fortunately, he’s got exquisite taste (and talent) so I always look better in his photos than in real life.

          The only thing that makes me unhappy is that he has veto power of the photos of him… which, along with my limited photographic abilities, explains why the image selection is so one-sided.

    • Johna Till Johnson

      Hey! I resemble that remark! Thanks, Nancy…

  10. I just followed this link:
    More on the marine art of New York Harbor is here.
    And left a comment on that ancient post. It is a delight — everyone who comes here should go there. Its a post that rivals your best I think — with only 3 likes! (I guess liking was new back the) but — it shows I think how far you guys have come. If you posted that today it would have 200 likes and 50 comments I wager! Well done as expected!

    • Thanks, Frank! So glad you enjoyed it!! Yes, that was one of our earlier posts, before we had much of an audience. And that’s why we link to these early posts whenever the opportunity arises… :-)

  11. Thanks for introducing us to the marine art of NYHarbor. Treasures!

  12. Love that last one! Last time I took photos while kayaking I ruined my camera. You must be quite good at it!

  13. Wow. Some of the most unusual paddling photos yet!

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