A Word A Week Challenge & Travel Theme: Island Shadows

By Vladimir Brezina

On A Word In Your Ear, Skinnywench’s photo challenge this week is Island. And on Where’s my backpack?, Ailsa’s is Shadows.

And the two just come together in my mind—warm turquoise waters, a strong tropical sun beating down, palm shadows…

Sort of like this—

DSC_0152DSC_0158DSC_0166DSC_0172DSC_0192 cropped smallDSC_0204 cropped smallDSC_0184DSC_0214

Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize, 2010. More photos are here.

65 responses to “A Word A Week Challenge & Travel Theme: Island Shadows

  1. You really get around. Nice photos to look out as it’s 20 degrees outside now.

  2. Looking real good this time of year!

  3. I just got back from Belize. Your pics are beautiful. :)

  4. I wish I was there, on that beach, right now!

  5. Looks like a lovely place to relax! Great photos.

  6. No graffiti? No billboards or traffic lights? Just plain old nature in paradise. I could stand that for a while. Lovely images — even the man made structures look like they grew in place. Good contrast to the Gowanus Canal — or most places in the world.

    • Of course, no electricity either, or lights after dark, or running water, or showers (actually, a little bit of each, as much as was provided by solar and wind power and rainwater) and naturally no telephone or internet… still paradise!

      • Didn’t realize there was so much nothing! Gas lights? Candles? How much power was provided by wind/solar? Sounds grand!

        • Well, it’s a small coral island (one of several around the atoll) 60 miles off the main coast of Belize, so everything had to be brought in by boat or generated locally—i.e. from solar and wind power and rainwater.

          There was enough power (12V) to light the main common areas and provide some charging capacity for cameras, etc. There was plenty of rainwater for showers—warm if the sun had been shining that day, otherwise a little cooler ;-) Communication (in an emergency) by satellite phone, I believe. And plenty of great food and, best of all, unlimited cold beer! (kept in a butane/propane-powered refrigerator).

          If the weather had been cold or excessively hot, it might have been a strain to do with so little, but (at least during the winter season) the climate there is just perfect for a minimal existence…

  7. Lovely one. I wish i could be here.

  8. I wish i had a transporter machine. Hahaha! My wish!

  9. Now there’s a sight to warm the heart in the depths of winter Vladimir. Lovely pictures.

  10. Vladimir I loved your shots of a warm inviting place on a cold day here in NH Thanks they are so pretty

  11. Yes definitely I nice break from feeling cold.

  12. In my fair city today it is -27. It is an absolute delight to view these photos and respite for my cold, benighted northern bones.

  13. simply pretty what’s the name
    of the island?

  14. Ah, a beautiful sight in a cold white and black world :-)

  15. Your blog is better than a travel brochure any day. Especially love the sea floor in the first post – made to be hung on a wall!

  16. Stunning photos made me realized how much I would loved to be in that Island right now that I’m in winter-land right this minute.:)

  17. You’ve captured heaven on earth – simply beautiful!

  18. Looks like a nice place to be this time of year!

  19. I wanted to go to Belize before but now I jeany to go even more!!!!

  20. lifeofaministermom

    Take me there!! Beautiful photos and thank you for stopping by my page!

    God bless!


  21. Oh I want to be there now!

  22. Beautiful :) exactly what comes to mind when i think of an island retreat :)

  23. Um, wow. These pics just described how I wnt to spend 3-4 months of the year! Thanks!

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