Travel Theme: Gaudy

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Gaudy.

I think it’s safe to say that Ailsa will never issue a challenge on the exact word that this costume inspires, so there’s no point in holding this photo back. Gaudy it is!

DSC_0087 cropped small

45 responses to “Travel Theme: Gaudy

  1. i knew you’d have a great image for this theme!
    stay warm and enjoy the snowstorm. we’re going to have a sunny day here, much appreciated after so much rain!

  2. damn. now THAT’s gaudy. ^^

  3. That takes the cake for gaudy.

  4. Awww, she’s a pumpkin! How…uh…

    Yup. Gaudy.

  5. That takes guts – especially in the fashion capital of the USA!

  6. I think you were right, and also kind, to post this under “gaudy”! You have certainly set the bar on this challenge.

  7. Orange is my favourite colour, such a happy and gaudy colour, love it…

    • Speaking of orange, at first I thought of pairing her with this photo

      but then decided against it. The bird is more elegant than gaudy—as is she, to some extent, actually…

      • Wow what an amazing colour that bird is. What is it? I would say elegant but definately gaudy in an over the top way

        • I actually don’t know exactly what it is. It was in NYC’s Central Park Zoo but I failed to make a note of the exact identification. It looks like some kind of duck. But Googling “orange duck” bring up quite another sort of orange duck ;-)

  8. What the heck? That’s absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the smile.

  9. What was she thinking?!!!!

  10. Oh, yes, that sure fits the challenge word!

  11. The shoes TOTALLY make this look.

  12. Wow- can’t wait to finally get back and find my own “gaudy one” : )

  13. Wonder what it looks like in front…do we want to know?

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