By Vladimir Brezina

Yesterday at dusk, just as the heaviest snow started to come down in NYC, we ventured out into Central Park—

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(More photos are here.)

Now, the next morning, the storm is over and the sun is peeking out. Time to go back into the park for a few more shots!

70 responses to “Snow!

  1. Nice set of Photos!!!

  2. 3rd from end and 5th from end were my favourites…..lovely magical snow

  3. Thanks for taking us along on the stroll through the snow. I love that big tree in the opening photo! If the sun is out, and you’re out there capturing the light and shadow, i expect some amazing photos soon!

  4. They’re all lovely photos, but the lamp post shots are my particular favorites. Are you sure you didn’t wander into Narnia? :) Enjoy the snow!

    • Johna Till Johnson

      That’s exactly what I said at the time: “Look Vlad, we’re in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”! Unfortunately he hasn’t read the book, so he didn’t get the reference… :-( I am hoping he’ll read them sometime soon!

  5. Nice shots :-), the best for me is that with the intrepid jogger : a bit of red into a sea of snow…

  6. As I scrolled down through your post, I kept thinking “Oh, this is the best photo – I have to mention it in my comment. No, wait, this is the best one – no, THIS one…” Anyway, what sticks in my mind at this point are the treetrunks gilded – silvered? – with snow, and the two pictures with the red-jacketed jogger and the green umbrella as the only flashes of color in the landscape, and the snow blowing past the lamppost. Wonderful images.

    • Johna Till Johnson

      :-) Vlad is very entertaining when he takes photos. Re: the splashes of color–we had just started out when he stopped suddenly and said, “Wait, THEY are colorful!” It was a man and a woman, the man in an orange jacket, the woman in pink. Looking at them, I could see how they’d translate into one of these photos—but I wouldn’t have seen that on my own!

  7. Wonderful snow scenes, Vlad. Love the green umbrella one, and also the grey tree trunks with the tiniest bit of brown branch attached. :)

  8. great photos. I’m envious, wish I were there too.

  9. So beautiful — amazing how that blanket of white transforms everything! ~ Kat

  10. Gorgeous! I truly miss the four seasons of my Midwest childhood. Thanks!

  11. Snow on tree branches–I miss seeing that. Waking up to a snowy wonderland after the first big storm of the season was one of my favorite winter moments when I was a child. This brought up those memories–thank you.

  12. You brought back great memories of doing the same thing in Central Park!

  13. Snow in New York looks romantic. Snow in Canada looks cold.

  14. It must have been a thrilling event!

  15. Miss Z made it back through no snow to lots of blowing snow here – she did so want to see Central Park like this, now she can! So much for the storm of the century…

  16. Beautiful snow scenes!

  17. You certainly got blasted! WOW!
    These pix are great!

  18. so glad you got the snow! my youngest son lived on the upper west side for a few years, so it is all familiar, although i did not see it looking white! now he shows me photos of snow in paris ;-)

  19. Beautiful photos of a tough event…in Mass, we just got plowed out today!

  20. love the contrast of the “absence of color” of the snow and trees against the color of the stoplights! beautiful!

    • Yes, that’s quite a startling and beautiful feature of the park in winter, especially with snow on the ground. You can see a long way through the bare trees, and there’s always a stoplight or two—or of course the Narnia lamps—visible somewhere, just as a reminder that this is man-made nature…

  21. Great shots, Vladimir! It seems hard to believe that you are in the middle of New York city. The snow seems to have created a bubble around you that dropped you into another world.

  22. I’ve never touched snow in my life. I went to USA in 1999, to Texas :)
    Nice pics to share!

  23. Love the photos. I hope you are coping with all of the snow.

  24. What beautiful pictures! We have had only a morning of snow here in Cornwall, Uk. :!

  25. Brrr. I can see this was a sideways snow, not a pretty gentle down-falling one. Glad it wasn’t any worse, and your power stayed on! I like the textures on the 5th one, and the way the 7th one shows how people cope.

    • The people coping were mostly tourists; the locals wisely stayed home—until the next day, when it was sunny and tens of thousands were out sliding and skiing in the park (photos forthcoming) :-)

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  27. Brrr. It looks so cold there now! Love your photos, which make me yearn for winter! I haven’t experienced winter in two years, but next year, for sure I will. :-)

  28. You make snowy days look enchanted! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photographs :)

  29. I love the contrasting red runner’s top & yellow umbrella

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