A Word A Week Challenge: Industrial

By Vladimir Brezina

Over on A Word In Your Ear, Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge this week is Industrial.

Gowanus Canal

Paddling through New York Harbor, the ecosystem that we observe is not Nature, but Industry. Where elsewhere we might hope for close-up sightings of animals coming down to the water’s edge, in the harbor we observe the raw workings of industry. Industrial enterprises line the  banks and occupy the scraps of waste land in the corners of the harbor. They present their best faces to the land, but as we paddle past, through, and sometimes even under them, we peer into their back yards…

East RiverIMGP1464 cropped smallIMGP1009 cropped smallArthur KillIMGP0671 croppedArthur KillArthur KillArthur KillIMGP0625 croppedGowanus CanalGowanus CanalIMGP1434 cropped smallIMGP0957 cropped smallIMGP1496 cropped small
Gowanus CanalGowanus CanalGowanus Canal

And so, by degrees, we’ve developed an appreciation for the beauty of the industrial landscape…


Most of these photos were taken in the Arthur Kill (follow the link for more photos), the Bronx River, the Hackensack River, and the Gowanus Canal.

43 responses to “A Word A Week Challenge: Industrial

  1. great photos as usual :)

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  3. Great photos, I like the contrast from the habour and our little boat!
    Greatings from Berlin to N.Y. sends Susanne

  4. fab photos, love the shapes and colours of the industrial buildings with the delicate kayak like a dragonfly on the water!

  5. that looks like interesting kayak paddle through industrial park

  6. What an incredible contrast to the sights I see kayaking where I live. Though I do have a passion for rusty things. Great collection of shots!

  7. Some of those colors are really bright! Overall though, it looks really clean from the backside. As always, I enjoy seeing Johna’s big smile on at least one photo in the selection. I enjoyed seeing the industrial side of your kayaking – very different than what you often post.


  8. Ah, this is everything I LOVE about Wind Against Current – your unique POV and the reason I follow every post. Thank you, Vlad & Johna, for the experience that is uniquely yours. Bravo!

  9. What a fabulous way to see it all! And some so colorful. Great photos :-)

  10. Nice ride to take pics. :)

  11. nice photos as always.

  12. I thought you were in Florida!

  13. I like all of ‘em but dang, Cement Mixer and Silos looks like it ought to be in a photography show. The colors and angles just go pop!

  14. Always a pleasure to see your photos — you have a wonderful eye for composition and color. :)

  15. Great photos, I love this post!

  16. Vlad; how do you get such great colors? I really am envious of your photos.

    • Well, Photoshop does have a little to do with it ;-) Briefly, once I discovered that each of my cameras produced completely different colors, which then furthermore looked completely different on each of my computer monitors, it became clear to me that trying to make the photo look “the way it really was” was a hopeless enterprise. So, if anything, I try to reproduce the (subjective) feeling of being there that I remember, and a certain esthetic appearance that I like—and I like bright colors ;-)

  17. What a very nice set of pictures these were.

  18. Love all the pops of colour!

  19. There is beauty in these industrial landscapes, especially around the docks. I think it is the stark symmetry, which you have captured so very well.

  20. When I thnk “industrial”, I think ugly. Ick. Depressing. But your pictures captured such beauty. Well done!

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