Travel Theme: Bridges

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Bridges.

Ailsa asks, “Are you ready to cross the bridge when you come to it?” But we follow quite another set of routes through the city, which were there before the first bridge was ever built over them…

IMGP0174 croppedNewtown CreekIMGP0069 croppedIMGP1598 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP1426 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP0018 cropped smallIMGP1021 cropped smallIMGP3804 cropped smallIMGP0902 cropped smallIMGP0058 cropped smallNewtown CreekNewtown CreekNewtown CreekNewtown CreekIMGP0003 cropped smallIMGP0660 cropped smallIMGP0920%2520cropped%2520smallNewtown CreekEast River: Queensboro BridgeIMGP0220 croppedIMGP2379 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP0671 croppedIMGP1609 cropped smallHudson River: George Washington BridgeHudson River: George Washington Bridge

46 responses to “Travel Theme: Bridges

  1. What a stunning collection of urban bridges!!!!

  2. You seem to paddle through some very nice urban landscapes on your excursions :-)

  3. What a different world it is from water level! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  4. what a great set so diverse – I love the second shot of Johna it is both surreal and a great portrait

  5. Wow these are all great pics!!! You have such a collection of bridges!!! Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I am too claustrophobic for some of these, but they are cool to observe – from a distance :-)

  7. I believe there is a freedom feeling in your heart when you are kayaking in the middle of the river / sea like that… WOW!

  8. Vladi – Nice set of “underbelly” shots of all those bridges that you glide by.

  9. what a fine selection

  10. ah… also wanted to add ,
    you kept the best for the last one

  11. Brilliant post, superb pictures!! :-)

  12. That first picture is my favorite!

  13. Vlad, how do you manage to get these wonderfully clear shots.? Specifically how do you keep water drops off your lens?
    thanks for these

    • Drops on the lens—the bane of my existence!

      Actually, by now I have the problem more or less under control, although what works for me may not be universally applicable. Strapped on my front deck, just in front of me as I paddle, I have a deck bag with a small mesh pocket facing me. I keep the camera, which is waterproof, in that pocket with the lens facing downward. So although the camera does get splashed, the lens stays clear for a long time, and at the same time I can grab the camera and take a photo when necessary within a second or two.

      Eventually, the lens does acquire water drops. I usually see it right away, because I’ve learned the hard way to check the state of the lens constantly. Then I often just dip the camera in the water. That forms a film of water over the lens (actually this camera has an outer glass pane over the lens itself) that then withdraws to the edges, leaving the lens clear.

      Sometimes that fails, and in any case eventually the lens becomes just plain dirty. Then I wipe it with a clean paper towel or suchlike that I keep in the deck bag…

      You are not the first to ask about this—clearly I should plan a post about these kinds of practical details…

  14. I LOVE your photos! I’m originally from New Jersey (right across the Hudson River) although I’m currently in Puerto Rico. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  15. Awesome collection, Vlad. Love the various perspectives.

  16. GREAT pictures! You guys make me want to get a kayak :) It looks like so much fun, and a great way to see the world from a completely different perspective! BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Love this collection. Recognize many of them, but not from that close to the water! Thanks for this vantage point!

    • On the back burner for a long time has been a post with photos of all the bridges over navigable waterways within the borders of NYC. I can’t remember off the top of my head exactly how many there are, but it’s more than 50, I seem to recall, and by now we have photos of almost all of them. So this is just a small selection… ;-)

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  19. In the midst of the mostly vast modern iron and steel constructions under and through which you are paddling, a couple of photos have the astonishing intimacy of Venice or Osaka, places where the waterways are also the roads and the scale is more human.

    • Many wish that would be true of NYC too… but unfortunately the waterways whose scale is the most human—the Newtown Creek, the Gowanus Canal, and the Bronx River, seen in many of these photos—are also the ones that human now shun, because they are the most polluted…

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