By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0278 cropped small

Yesterday afternoon in New York City’s Central Park (click on any photo to start slideshow)—

DSC_0269 cropped small

More photos are here.

55 responses to “Backlit

  1. Vlad, the light is stunning in these images – what a treat!

  2. Down South we don’t get the really brilliant fall colors. Many trees stay green all winter and do not shed until spring brings new leaves. Good job.

  3. You have captured pure beauty. The colors of autumn are long gone here. Your photos add some warmth on this winter day.

  4. Great backlighting. Everything just glows!

  5. I repeat what is already said…amazing light and stunning captures :)

  6. What a lovely post, making the most of excellent light and colors.
    Just beautiful.

  7. All those beautiful shots and I like backlit 22 and 26.

  8. What splendid color, shades and contrasts – nice captures, on all of them. Thank you for sharing the season in NYC.

  9. Backlit makes it extra special! Beautiful!

  10. I so agree with you that backlit settings are the best to display beautiful fall foliage. Amazing colors!

  11. I love your autumn colours!

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I love ALL of them!!!! Happy weekend!!!

  13. These photos are beautiful. They leave a warm feeling inside.


  14. Beautiful examples of backlighting, very well done. Backlit 22 is my favorite of the bunch!

  15. backlighting…what creations it makes…the orange leaves still grab me…can tell Fall is just barely hanging on…

  16. I’ll have a Backlit 29 please.
    Brilliant photographs.

  17. love the muted colors and glow effect – all of them beautiful! the earth is tired, it’s coming to a long repose.

  18. So many beautiful ones – you had fun! I really liked #11, 16, 18, 22, 24, 36…like I said, so many great images.

  19. Georges pictures, love them :)

  20. Stunning photos! Makes me feel as if I was there.

  21. How lovely! The autumn colours are very beautiful against the light. :)

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