First Snow

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0436 cropped small

It’s snowing! The first real snow of the winter. Quick, everyone out into the park before it melts!

(Click on any photo to start slideshow)

In Central Park, NYC, yesterday.

102 responses to “First Snow

  1. We are still waiting across the big water…

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Wonderful images…
    A friend is just in NY now, I think he enjoy the situation :-D

  4. Quelle merveilleuse harmonie de couleurs ! So inspiring ! Please what is the name of the red tree ? And of the orange tree ?

  5. I wish it snowed in my country! Beautiful :)

  6. Love the splash of red against the white!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful photos!

  8. Delightful. I can FEEL the excitement in the air.

  9. Gorgeous photographs! I especially love the beauty of the red tree against the snow. :)

  10. Beautiful photographs and trip through the park. It took me back to the days when I lived in New York and the joy of the first snow. Thank you.

  11. Lovely! The red tree is fabulous and also the last pic of twilight and snow!

  12. What a wonderful snow filled day you had, and there was even a photo shoot arranged!
    I love the red berries against the white snow.

  13. Wonderful collection of images! Not used to seeing Johna bundled up in a winter coat This blog typically features you in kayak gear.)

  14. A beautiful collection of photos.

  15. Lovely pictures as always, Vladimir :-)

  16. Lovely! I wish we had snow like that here.

  17. loved, loved, loved the photos!…couldn’t be better!

  18. My favorite is Red.

  19. Wow ! What wonderful snow images ! Love the girl with the pink umbrella. Funny how everyone was taking her picture. It truly is a magical Christmas day in the big city.

  20. Vlad I love how you have captured not only the beauty of the snow but the excitement of the people. It strikes me that here where we have snow six months of the year, we don’t ‘see’ our own day to day images so beautifully.

  21. Great shots!! I particularly like ‘shelter from the storm’ and the ‘alice in wonderland’ statue which I have not seen in the snow before. Note to self stay away from NYC for the next 5 months… I am not a big fan of the cold or snow. I actually haven’t seen snow in at least 10 years.

  22. Wonderful “slice of life” in a Central Park snow day!

  23. You almost make me like snow with your pictures!

  24. Great pictures!
    Sadly the roads looked the same way. I think the outgoing mayor no longer gives a hoot!

  25. Central Park certainly looks very ‘Christmassy’ with a bit of snow on show!

  26. So beautiful and so fortunate for you to get some snow. We don’t get any here down South :(

    I enjoyed the photos, they bring back memories of the times I spent in snow. And the “photoshoot” was real funny, when everyone started to take photos of the girl and nobody seems to mind.

    • Well, there’s really no way to prevent it—so might as well capitalize on it. The girl announced that she had a Facebook page and would anyone who took a good photo of her please post it there… :-)

  27. Wow! Fabulous shots. They make me miss East Coast weather (just for a little while).

  28. Love the pose from the lady with the pink umbrella :D

  29. It looks like the storm was just SOOO much fun! What a great photo opportunity! Nice shots.

    • It was fun! Of course, it always is if it doesn’t snow too much, and if you don’t have to shovel the snow yourself in any case—in other words, in New York City (or at least Manhattan) on a weekend ;-)

  30. these are all great photos by my favorite is shelter from the storm, its just perfect

  31. Such gorgeous photos with their mostly white palette interrupted by splashed of bright colour.

  32. heavenly thank you Vlad!

  33. Not bad at all, finally I got to see how is winter there. Thanks.

  34. Such glorious photos. And such a winning combo – Central park, happy people AND snow. The pink umbrella is stunning. My own memories of Central Park are in a blistering heat-wave pushing 100 degrees. This is much more lovely. Thanks.

  35. Nice! Glad you finally got it :). Ours didn’t last two days, unfortunately… Oh well. Soon… :)

  36. Love the spots of color in the snow photos! Terrific slideshow.

  37. The first snow is always magical. Your cover photo is like a postcard. Beautiful slideshow!

  38. I do miss “First Snow” in New York. But I do not miss second day snow. You make it look like a lot of fun!

  39. Amazing photos! Wish I could experience ‘snow’ one day.

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  41. I love the pictures with the pink umbrella! Stunning.

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  43. Isn’t it interesting to see how happy and excited some people are about something that two months later we are all tearing our hair out over?
    I guess one of the really important things in life is — knowing when to quit!
    A lesson Mother Nature refuses to learn.

  44. It looks so beautiful… great shots. It is cool to see the people instead of just landscape. You can feel the fun they were having.

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