Icy Day in the Park

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0235 cropped smallDSC_0017 cropped small

A few photos I managed to capture on Saturday in Manhattan’s Central Park before my fingers started freezing—

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

85 responses to “Icy Day in the Park

  1. These are truly stunning.

  2. Bright beautiful pictures, it’s better than mist and rain.
    Enjoy every moment, Vladimir :-)
    All the best,

  3. Lovely! It was a bit chilly but a beautiful day to be outside. I went out to Sheepshead Bay to take bird pictures, haven’t put them on Frogma yet but they’re up on my Facebook page. Funny what you said about fingers freezing – I took off my gloves at one point to speed up a lens change to catch some brants who were heading away from me, I put them down on a rock and forgot them, but I remembered them VERY soon!

  4. Ah, winter memories! Great shots of frozen beauty.

  5. The sunlight is like a spotlight on the beauty. I’m not sure the ducks are quite as appreciative of the setting :)

  6. Hard to keep that finger on the shutter button in cold temps! Worth the effort though! Winter can have such a beauty of its own.

  7. Wow- beautiful photos! It looks mighty cold though!

  8. I ought to take this as a reminder I still need to sort out my thermals and lined trousers – it’s still quite mild here, despite the strong winds/tides that are causing flooding in some parts.
    I like the exposures of the snow shots, as we have so little snow, it often takes me a couple of shoots to get my eye (and compensation) in order!

  9. These photos are gorgeous!!! But poor ducks. Rgs Anja :)

  10. I can’t figure out where the first photo was taken from. I went out to take photos too, and my fingers froze so fast, even with gloves on, I had to go back inside.

  11. Very nice capture of the ice–they’re like mini-sculptures.

  12. Very beautiful images. The ducks look cold!

  13. Brrr! Hard to imagine it’s like that on your side of the world when we’re in the middle of summer here 😊 Lovely pics.

  14. Interesting ducks, indeed, guessing Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) based mainly on the immense bill, also the males’ plumage. Attractive, hoping to meet a few on the water some day. No rush, looks like #2 is trying to sleep off winter, we must all be patient.

    • We have quite an assortment of ducks in Central Park, it seems, most of which I can’t really identify. Just as I was leaving the reservoir for warmer parts, a man who looked like he knew what he was talking about said to me, “Did you get the ringnecks?” I nodded sagely, but had to look them up when I got home…

      • Ringnecks? LOL — another duck I don’t know! From a description, “faint brown ring on drake’s neck never shows in the field; light bands at tip and base of bill are conspicuous.” Ignoring the characteristic that “never shows in the field,” the bill in the first duck photo lacks light bands, ruling out ringnecks. They were probably dabbling elsewhere. Hint — they are “similar in appearance to scaups,” if that helps.

        • Looking at the photos back at home, I am not sure I got any photos of the ringneck(s)…. maybe he was just making it up (as I have been known to do on occasion) :-)

  15. I love the photos of the ice and the water. Great shots.

  16. Magnificent. And we don’t have to suffer the cold!

  17. Ice 3 looks like a bird caugtt in frozen time…lovely wing…Can you see?

  18. Beautiful pictures – I can feel the cold just looking at them.

  19. I feel really sorry for the wild things right now. It’s rough out there.

  20. These are such beautiful images of winter in Central Park. Nature makes its own art. You have a great eye for capturing it with your lens. I love all of the light, shadows and reflections in your photos.

    My cousins were visiting NY this week and took a lot of photos of people who looked as cold as those poor ducks.

  21. The ducks look rather comfy, actually! Thanks for these great photos… Jean just got back from AZ today; needed to acclimatize, and your photos —and the wind outside right now, yikes!—helped a lot. Thx :)

  22. The black-headed gray duck behind #1 shoveler could pass for a scaup. If the light-colored bill has rings they’re submerged in duck soup. Sorry if I’m in too deep myself, but it’s a terrific grab shot, all your ducks in a row.

  23. Wow, that ice is quite a sight, but I think my favorite are the ice cones around the grasses in the water. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

  24. fantastic Vlad, wonderful photos, lyrical beauty!

  25. Happy New Year Vladimir – I trust you and your family have a fruitful and healthy 2014 – I am really glad to say I have seen nothing as cold as this this year.

  26. I won’t gloat – temps here are in the mid forties – because with the snow come bright, clean light and great opportunities for photography – I’m glad you took advantage! Have a fun New Year – both of you!

  27. From Florida to the icy cold in one week! Once again your photos are stunning. The little freezing “cakes” around the grasses are magical. Reminds me of the growing bubbles in the icy sands at Swift Reservoir near Mt St Helens when the temps were about 15 F. Have to go find them in the archives now…..

  28. Great group–I especially love the image you called “Ice 6″.

  29. Beautiful photos of a cold day :)

  30. I love the shots of the frozen drips of ice….water put on pause and glittering beautifully in the low light. It all looks very magical, like something from Narnia!

  31. Your ice photos are lovely, with surprisingly clean, bright ice. Wonderful to find a kindred spirit who finds natural ice sculptures not only worthy of photos, but of a beautiful post. Much of the ice we photographed last week, along the river, had a slightly muddy appearance and was more creamy than white. Yours is so clear and sparkling! Central Park looks like a winter wonderland ;-) beautiful photos of the waterfowl as well. Best wishes, WG

    • The Central Park Reservoir (where these ice sculptures were) is pretty clean—it’s a reservoir of drinking water, even though no longer used for that purpose day-to-day.

      A winter wonderland on some days, dark and damp on others. We’ve had some interesting swings in weather this winter… :-)

      Thanks so much for your nice comment, WG—very glad you like this post!!

  32. Ooh how lovely. Central Park is at its best when its icy, its like a big meringue! :)

  33. Simply stunning photographs!

  34. Sheesh! Even if the photos weren’t so neat you’d get a whole bunch of points for endurance.
    Up here it’s most been dark and damp. Hope you have more sunlit ice than we do!

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