Splashes of Color

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP2698 cropped small

NYC’s Central Park, during yesterday’s snowstorm…

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

75 responses to “Splashes of Color

  1. Gorgeous shots. Especially love the blue umbrella!

  2. Is this, like, NOW, Vladimir?

  3. Well-done, Vlad. I love the yellow umbrella!

  4. Everyone of these are beautiful. The color amidst the haze and snow are truly eye catching.

  5. Wow, that is the exact opposite weather of ours at the moment- we are experiencing very hot and very dry days…

  6. Beautiful photos of the park. Thank you for this walk through it. Almost like being there.

  7. Really enjoyed these photos. Great shots!

  8. Lovely series Vladimir :-D

  9. This winter’s snow has all gone to your part of the world, nice pictures!

  10. Love that blue umbrella shot

  11. The splashes of color really make these photos come alive. This was a fun “snow day” visualization – especially since it was 60 degrees here in Colorado yesterday. :)

  12. liked them all!…just beautiful!

  13. pleasure to look at Vladimir, great theme :)

  14. The splashes of color bring warmth to a clearly frigid day. Great post as usual Vlad!

  15. Looks like a serious storm, that one! Blowing sideways! The last photo is so quintessential New York – umbrella as snow protection, the rather nice looking red coat, and of course, the cute pooches with their pink coats!

  16. wow, thank goodness for the umbrellas Vlad!

  17. I enjoyed this “walk in the park” with you immensely! :-)

  18. Central Park in the snow. Ah, memories ;-) I guess you really got snow. We just got the cold and a lot of hoopla.

  19. Love your splashes of color. Wonderful winter photographs. Making the most of the season’s opportunities for excellent photographs!

  20. I love your snow pics! The city looks beautiful in white. :-)

  21. Great captures of the falling snow and the life that goes on around it.

  22. Wonderful landscapes of winter! The bright colors bring a lot of fun when it’s freezing! It’s the own mark of humans!

  23. The shots with the yellow brollies are especially wonderful, but oh, those woolly woofers in pink!

  24. This is great! Hasn’t this winter been amazing?

  25. I really like these pictures – and glad to be in the warmth looking at them!
    Were you, by any chance, following that yellow umbrella?

  26. Great reportage Vladi !
    Ciao ciao

  27. I love these photos, well done.

  28. Magical Central Park!! I worked on the restoration of the tiled ceiling at the Bethesda Fountain Arcade back now in 2006, I believe. Great photos on this post and others!

  29. Some great shots, as usual. I particularly like the first one with the yellow umbrella and the bright blue lights of the police car.

  30. Really miss snowy day!! thanks for sharing.

  31. That’s very nice of you:) we are kind of enjoying a warm winter here in CA!

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