Snowy Postcards

By Vladimir Brezina

… from NYC’s Central Park.

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And more snow is on the way…

72 responses to “Snowy Postcards

  1. Looks beautiful now, but I’m a bit concerned about tomorrow’s dire forecast of MORE snow and a potential ice storm where we are now, about 35 mi NW of Central Park! Already a most impressive winter! M

    • It has certainly been an impressive winter—the snow storms have followed each other in quick succession. And it’s by no means over yet—the groundhog said so!

      The ice forecast for tomorrow is definitely worrying if you have to commute. Since I don’t (I walk to work), I must confess I am, selfishly, quite looking forward to it. It might be very pretty when the sun comes out again… :-)

  2. Fabulous!!!! Since I can’t be there, I’m glad you are!!! I love seeing this!

  3. Wonderful pictures! This latest snow storm made everything especially beautiful. Yes, a winter wonderland!
    My kids are counting on no school tomorrow but I told them that they had to do their homework anyway. :)

    • Winter wonderland indeed. When the sun came out for a few hours this morning, the snow was almost too dazzling to look at… :-)

      But after they’ve done their homework, they can go and play in the snow?

      • I got the call an hour ago – no school tomorrow! So yes, they are finished with their homework but I kind of doubt they will want to play in freezing rain tomorrow. Hmmm.

  4. On that first picture, I thought it was a painting! Nice shot.

  5. Beautiful! I got some great shots today too !

  6. Another look at this post, reveled more of the remarkable squirrel image…. super sharp to begin with, but the red berries for color, and especially the critter’s left hand grasping the branch. Beautiful! M

  7. Great photos Vlad! Lots of snow for you this year.

  8. There must be temperatures/conditions at which even kayaking is not fun. :) Enjoy the white blanket.

  9. A beautiful series. I love them all, but my favorite is the trees with their yellow leaves glowing through the snow.

  10. Great photos, love the squirrel! :)

  11. Keep it coming! I never get bored of snow pics :)

  12. Lovely! Wish we had some winter here. We will try next week in the German Alps. The one with the orange leaves is my favorite!

  13. love the first one, with the footsteps in the snow, and the one with the yellow leaves still holding on on snowy trees… what a lovely set of winter images, Vladimir…

  14. Stunning photos. Picture postcard perfect, Vlad. :)

  15. So peaceful looking in the midst of a noisy city.

  16. Gosh, these are so beautiful! I long for snow although I know I hate it after a while. I love NZ, but hanker after a “proper” winter.

  17. Lovely stuff you are sharing, Vladimir. The light is encouraging :-)

  18. I love that fourth shot! And the second one is so very familiar – though I would usually see it in better weather!

  19. Wow so much snow and gorgeous photos of it. We probably have the same amount but in rain!!! :)

  20. unephotodesquejepeux

    Wonderful !! I would like to have snow like this in my town !!! And the squirrel is so nice. Beautiful job !

  21. winter wonderland indeed – some very lovely pictures here

  22. Love this series! The squirrel is so adorable :) The first picture is stunning with the skyline in the distance and there is just something about that last photo. Very well done, makes me want to visit NY so badly.

  23. Beautiful shots. Snow is really lovely to look at and can afford great fun…especially for animals. Do take a peek at Bailey, the Unknown Reindeer.

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