Fat, Wonderful Fat

By Vladimir Brezina

Looking around the kitchen and in the refrigerator and freezer, our collection of fats, many of them the residues of repasts past, seems to be remarkably varied just now…

DSC_0023 cropped small

From left to right—
Front row: lard (pig), bacon fat (pig), butter (cow)
Middle row: olive oil, beef marrow fat (cow), coconut oil, goose fat
Back: duck fat (and stock)

Each of them will be used, one day, in its own best way… Julia Child would approve!

32 responses to “Fat, Wonderful Fat

  1. Marrow AND goose fat ? Impressive to say the very least. I was just reading about colored salts from across the world. I might have to blog it IF I can find some imported black and reds.

  2. Haha, a bit of a different post to the other ones!

  3. Wow, you two are quite the gourmands! I do believe Julia would be grinning with delight!

  4. Vladimir- this was such a fun post! I noticed the coconut oil in there and recently (last summer) there was a bunch of talk about how coconut oil helps patients with alzheimer’s disease – and then one lady was suggesting folks drink so much “melted coconut” oil per day – but I think that was a bit much for the norm – however, cooking with it is another story –

    and well, your little oil collection in this post would not only make Julia proud, but my grandmother would give you a thumb up too. :)

    • Johna Till Johnson

      There is a huge movement towards coconut oil in the Paleo eating community. I’ve found coconut oil is not only good for cooking, but also a nice emollient for skin and hair–and also imparts a lovely sheen to clean metalware (while protecting it from rust)…Truly an all-around great oil!

  5. Per my culinary instructors, “fat carries the flavor.”

  6. Bon appetit…braised red cabbage in goose fat sounds delicious :)

  7. Yes, I’m impressed :)

    • Johna Till Johnson

      Thanks! I keep waiting for someone to comment on the lard–rendering THAT was an all-day affair (I was heads-down on a work project, so that went well). Now we just have to figure out what to do with it… I’m thinking of frying up some sweet-potato fries….

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  9. Why not try Yorkshire Pudding, Johna? Of course, they should be cooked in fat from roast beef but hey! pork is good too.

  10. Great selection, Vlad! I remember as a child, my sister and I had to take it in turns to eat the beef marrow fat. It’s delicious on toast. :)

    • We thought it would be, but it was just too oily, even for us. Maybe we didn’t do something quite right…

      But I can tell you from personal experience that goose fat on a slice of rye bread (the Central European kind) is certainly delicious :-)

  11. Huzzah! Our fat collection is similar in size and scope. I just rendered beef tallow last week (and blogged about it) and had enough to make soap, candles, and have plenty left over for cooking!

    • Thanks, Gwen!! We’ll have to try your crockpot method. Although, in a NYC apartment, our capacity is quite a bit lower than yours—I don’t think our freezer could handle 20 lbs of beef, never mind 125 lbs… :-)

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