Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Selfie.

Me, myself, and I… and I… and I…

DSC_0207 cropped small

At the Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA. More photos are here.

77 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. Great shot ! Great Idea and great for this challenge !
    Ciao Vladi !

  2. Fascinating image… I like everything about it. Wonderful choice for the prompt this week.

  3. I like the repeating image. Reminds me of sitting a barber’s chair when I was little and seeing my image repeated into infinity with the mirrors front to back.

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  7. What a great shot for this theme!

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  9. Way cool! I love the Hotel del Coronado <3

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  11. Very clever, I love shots like this!

  12. I like that sort of repeating image. There used to be lots of places you could find three-section mirrors that allowed this or sometimes bathroom mirrors were opposite each other and you could see the repetition.


    • Also those bathroom mirrors that angle in multiple ways to allow simultaneous multiple angles of the same central subject, the photographer… I didn’t think of that for this challenge, but that must be the ultimate, narcissistic selfie :-)

  13. Sure this wasn’t for Ailsa’s Travel theme?

  14. HEY NO FAIR! We already know Johna is a beauty !

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  18. Ah yes, the long hard look at oneself in the hall of mirrors! Nice shot.

  19. an unself-conscious couple of selfies – lovely

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  21. Great picture, love the fading effect in the two mirrors

  22. Nicely done! Very creative!

  23. Imposters! This can’t be Johna and Vlad. I have it on good authority that the lower half of their bodies are actually kayaks. There are no kayaks in this photo, which, btw, is excellent!

  24. I love the infinite reflection on the mirror.

  25. This is an awesome picture and interpretation of “selfie.” Love it!

  26. Love the multi-reflections Vladimir – nicely done:-) !

  27. Creative take on the theme.

  28. the perfect spot for a selfie, both of you gorgeous!!

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  30. This is a great selfie.

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  32. ;-) Aaah, the Nikon!! It makes magic! ;-)

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