Spring, Finally, Perhaps…

By Vladimir Brezina

The Spring Equinox occurs today.

This year, Spring has been a long time in coming. In NYC, the weather is still very chilly. But there are signs that Winter is now, finally, perhaps, on its way out…

DSC_0177 cropped small

So, Happy Spring! (Or, to our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Autumn!)

34 responses to “Spring, Finally, Perhaps…

  1. Happy spring to you too!

  2. A hopeful sign. Our challenge here in Maine would be “Mud”.

    • We’ll be up in Maine for a few days in May. But you are not making it sound very attractive, George! ;-)

      • Vlad,

        With any luck the mud will be gone and it will be beautiful. We start our downriver race season the 29 of this month. There is some question as to weather the river will still be ice covered. Burr!

        • Johna Till Johnson

          And how does that work if it is??? Has someone actually implemented my idea of “kayak crampons” for paddles?

  3. Doing the “Welcome Spring! Dance” here! My crocuses are coming up but no blooms yet. So thrilling to see your picture!

  4. We are at the beginning of a predicted three days of snow. :( No nope yet.

  5. List to the voices that welcome the Spring; hark to the carols pretty birds sing.
    Welcome, oh welcome, oh welcome, sing they, Springtime is with us today.
    (Didn’t do my dance because I’m in the library but I’m singing gustily in my heart)

    • And actually today in NYC it’s that kind of day. Still chilly, but without that freezing wind now, and sunny. The birds and singing and everyone looks happy…

      • I walked down the mountain and into the village under a blue sky. Ominous black clouds in the distance were probably on their way to Belfast – It always rains whenever I go to Belfast but today I fooled the Gods and stayed in Co. Dublin
        The sky is still blue, the air lukewarm, the birds a bit tattered due, no doubt, to the dreadful gales we’ve suffered recently but the promise is there. Oh yes! the promise is there, here, in fact!

    • Johna Till Johnson

      You shrinking violet, you!! You should have done your dance right in the middle of the library! With everyone watching :-)

  6. How did you ever spot this guy? Great!

  7. Oh yeah, spring is here… My allergies can tell

  8. signs of tulips…daffodils…and buds on the trees…It is coming back…

  9. lifeanewbeginning

    Beautiful capture

  10. There has to be a word play somewhere about crocus!!!
    How can the bravest flower that advances on snow and ice, sticking its head up into cold winter winds, have ‘croak’ in its name? It should be called brave-us, or first-us, or something else noble and worthy.

  11. March weather has been a roller coaster. I’m waiting to see my first spring flowers. The cherry blossoms are just starting to get buds.
    Happy Spring :)

  12. No flowers here in southeast Michigan, still spots of snow that needs to melt!

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