Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Reflections. Perfect! As a photographer, I am irresistibly drawn to reflections of all kinds…

Two-fold reflection—

DSC_0186 cropped small 2

Endless reflection—

DSC_0207 cropped small

Deep reflection—

Deep reflection

Distorted reflection—

IMGP3508 cropped small

Glassy reflection—

IMGP4551 cropped small

90 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  2. Great idea I got great sunsets sea and rivers here :D

  3. I’m a fan of the unintended selfie!

  4. Great collection!

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  6. Wow! they are all good…I mean great! That first one is absolutely stunning!

  7. Great reflections! The one with the mirrors is fun :)

  8. Vladimir- The first reflection photo of the city creates a very serene and innocent feeling for New York. That is probably a rare impression and unusual reflection for NYC…

  9. when I saw the theme title I figured you’d come up with some beauts – you did not disappoint!!

  10. Wonderful collection… :-)

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  12. The reflections in the water are beautiful.

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  15. You make me wish I’d posted the other two I was considering. :-) I like the ripple in the water in the first on that makes the water look divided and ads interest. And I’ve always loved the endless reflections.


  16. Your deep reflection has me coming back to view it over and over. I like your variety. Lovely as always.

  17. Great Shots! I love your perspective on reflections.

  18. All are beautiful reflections.

  19. I could have choose pictures of NYC but this time I let you that pleasure :) I like it distorded

  20. I really like the “long pole” shot, Vladimir!

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  22. Love them all. Awesome. “Distorted Reflection” is my favorite. Such a mystery there……..I love the way you shot it. What lies beneath the misty sea?

  23. I love these, blue water, blue buildings, depth and lustre.

  24. Great collection of photos. :)

  25. Great images, I love reflection

  26. Great variations on the theme.

  27. Wonderful collection of perspectives on reflections. The one on the jetty is like looking down at the sky, not water.

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  29. reat shots but the distorted one is my fav

  30. gorgeous series Vlad, but the first shot is really gripping!

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  32. Wonderful take on the weekly challenge! My fave is the last one of the buildings! Great job!

  33. What great shots! There are so many reflections around us, and it’s so creative of you to categorise them. The deep reflection is a bit of a scary shot for me, mainly because I can’t see what’s down there :)

  34. Beautifully captured Vladimir – you really got the sunlight perfectly!

  35. Oh wow! Super pretty photos! I am now thinking about how you actually took those photos – amazing efforts!

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  37. Vladimir, what fun it was to see your various “takes” on this past photo challenge. Each of your photos made me smile, but I think your “distorted reflection” is my favorite. Serenity within adventure. Just love it! Thanks, too, for liking my post.

  38. These are fabulous – so glad you shared all of them!

  39. I think you took the challenge to a new level but looking at different types of reflections. Not something most people think about!

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