Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Work of Art.

With its cunningly laid-out landscapes and waterscapes, NYC’s Central Park is, of course, not a work of Nature, but of Art.

DSC_0219 cropped small

And it inspires people to create Works of Art of their own…

Ice sculptures!
DSC_0126 cropped small
The pink umbrella
DSC_0076 cropped small

This last, too, was a photoshoot in the park…

81 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. Beautiful pictures of a variety of works of art! I like the last picture a lot but the one with all those painters painting the fall foliage is great too.

  2. Speaking of Art, the first photo reminded me of Renoir’s La Grenouillere. A beautiful set of images.

  3. What a wonderful answer to the prompt. And I like the choices you made to express the artistry Central Park inspires. That last image is simply gorgeous. Yummmmm

  4. A wonderful collection of art…that winter scene with the pink umbrella is a masterpiece!!

  5. I can’t decide which photo I like best….but somehow keep coming back to all those painters! Wonderful images.

    • I didn’t even think that photo was worth processing at the time, but just now, in looking for pictures for this challenge, I came across it… :-)

      • My brother-in-law is a semi-professional photographer and often says the same thing about photos he first thought were rubbish which then turn out to be the favorite of many others. Sometimes you photographers are really tough on yourselves!

  6. I remember that last photo

  7. I remember the last two photos….and loved them when I first saw them….but I adore the shot of the autumn painters…it leaves me with so many questions :-)

  8. these are so wonderful!!

  9. I remember the last picture. That is art in the making.

  10. love the snowy pics. Was that this winter?

    • Yes, this winter—there was enough of it to generate lots of snowy pictures :-) More of them are here and here.

      • Thanks I’ll check those out. Probably good for you since NYC rarely gets snow. I am glad we were in Shanghai and missed this past polar vortex of a winter…. home got snow, but super cold. Too cold. We lucked out here in Shanghai with a mild winter, but karma has paid us a cold damp and soggy spring.

        • New York used to get a lot of snow, but not in recent years (until this winter). The climate must be changing or something…

        • Hmmm wonder if it is??? Funny how we all notice, evidence is showing a shift, but then there are the nay sayers and we all say Oh must be OK then? I don’t get it? Living here and not seeing blue skies for weeks at a time, having the air burn your nose when you breathe… well I know we are doing bad things to the earth. It can’t be good.

  11. Central Park was my favorite place in New York. You can explore it every day for years and still not see everything. There are hidden gems everywhere from the duck pond and the carousel, to the Alice statue. Lucky me, Boston Commons was created by the same guy who made Central Park and they have a similar feel, though the Commons are much smaller and we don’t have a carousel. Thanks for this trip down memory lane!!

  12. kittyzdestination

    The ice one has to be tough one…!

  13. Very cool photos. I especially love the winter scene with the pink umbrella.

  14. I love all those artists out there painting the same scene.

  15. The ice sculpture at Bethesda Fountain is amazing! Great pix of one of my favorite places on earth.

  16. You’ve captured the sunlight beautifully in this amazing photo!

  17. I meant to say in the first photo but I hit POST before I was finished! Love all the pics, by the way!

  18. I worked in the city for years and only made it to Central Park once- for a company holiday celebration at Tavern On The Green. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that!

  19. like all dem doing art of same tree very kewl :)

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  21. Amazing photos! And thanks for visiting my blog…greatly appreciate it!

  22. Vladamir, these are wonderful. Have you posted the one with the umbrella before? It seems familiar but still beautiful.


  23. I remember that in the early 1970s Central Park had become so dangerous after dark that few people would venture there, and even the police were reluctant to go at night.

  24. As a Native New Yorker, who has walked and photographed the park for years, I can say in truth: yours are the most beautiful photos of the subject that I have ever seen. Just brilliant!

    • That’s quite a compliment, Frances—thank you!!

      Really, a lot of it has to do with going out into the park often, in all kinds of weather… and especially moving in on any photoshoots that manifest themselves :-)

  25. These are all fantastic photos. I think my favorites are the two winter scenes and the fall art class with the beautiful fall foliage. Wonderful scenes from the iconic Central Park. How fortunate New Yorkers are to have this lovely oasis in the midst of the chaos of the city!

  26. Super images … Love them all.

  27. Beautiful pictures ..my favorite is the snow one :)

  28. I love the 2 photos in the park. Both are showing art of making an arc in the best possible way. Beautiful.

  29. I love your take on the theme. True works of art, indeed! :-)

  30. I want to see the movie from which #3 is a still — so evocative and provocative at the same time.

  31. great captures! love all of them!

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  33. very nice vladimir! I like the pink umbrella one! :)

  34. Grandios. Magnificent the
    Picture – The pink umbrella. Greetings from Austria

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