Kayaking Maine’s Western Rivers

By Vladimir Brezina

Cuckolds Light

On each day of our three-day Memorial Day weekend in Maine, while Johna was off pursuing rough waters, I went for a leisurely paddle. Here are a few photos. They are less interesting than usual, because I lacked my kayak model and had to substitute lobster buoys as foreground interest…

My GPS tracks and the locations of the photos:

Maine May 2014

Click on any photo to start slideshow:

More photos are here.

46 responses to “Kayaking Maine’s Western Rivers

  1. Johna Till Johnson

    Sorry about the lack of the usual model, but I’m no-way, no-how as cute as that seal pup :-). Sorry I missed him/her!

  2. Oh they are all beautiful sceneries. My favorite are #7 and #12.

  3. Yup, I’m jealous! Gorgeous : )

  4. The seal pup is lovely, not sure more lovely than Johna though :) great reflection shots around the islands. Love the tramway photo too!

  5. We’ll have to go back and try the finer points of those waters!

  6. George Fatula

    Nice collection of photographs, Vlad. One of our moorings is up the Cathance River in Merrymeeting Bay. Welcome to our regular paddling turf. Not as “exciting” as dodging the SIF rounding The Battery.


    • Thanks, George! I didn’t realize this was your home turf. :-)

      And it can get a lot more exciting than the Staten Island Ferry, I know very well. I went through all the fun spots—Upper and Lower Hell Gates, the mouth of the Kennebec—although not at peak times. There’s that special Maine way they sneak up on you. One minute you are paddling along in mirror-still water, the next minute you are in wild water. Fortunately you can usually hear the water roaring for a long time ahead :-)

      • Glad you enjoyed it. Our other “home turf” is Mt. Desert Island. We have a mooring and a house there in Seal harbor, too. If you really would like some exciting paddling, Eastport enjoys “The Old Sow”. The noise from that whirlpool is amazing! You can feel it coming up from the depths as Passamaquoddy Bay’s contents exit, making a 270 degree turn around the southern tip of Canada’s Deer Island. The water depth is over 200 feet and the tidal range averages 18′. That would be a great place to paddle from for several amazing and wonderful trips. You could get to Grand Manan from there and Coobscook Bay is spectacular.

        • The only time I ever paddled in Maine, before this trip, was actually up there, in Lubec—but only for a couple of hours with friends who live up there, and avoiding the difficult spots. So I know something about it… But maybe Johna and I will work our way up the Maine coast :-)

  7. Wonderful pics…has summer hit Maine yet?

    • We were remarking on that, actually. Summer definitely has not come to Maine yet. (It was also overcast and cold, but I think that’s normal for Maine year round :-) ) It’s still mid-spring there—about a month behind NYC. And northern and eastern Maine must be even more delayed…

  8. picturesque scenes. i love that seal, too. :-)

  9. Love the seal pup shots……and what lovely soft light and breathless still air :-)

  10. I like the blue dawn, the bridge, and all the island reflections in the 20s. Lovely collection.

  11. Great way to spend leisure time!

  12. beautiful pictures! my favorite is #11 and of course the stunning reflections particularly #25! wonderful post as always! thanks for the ride :)

  13. Maine really is a beautiful place and your photos captured that beauty very well.

  14. really great collage of shots – the great outdoors is celebrated and even the lobster buoys have that nice feel – nice slideshow! have a great week

  15. Gorgeous! Hard to pick a favorite, but #26 is up there. :)

    • Unfortunately #26 isn’t perfectly still—there are rings on the water next to the rock. That’s because a big fish jumped out of the water there just a few seconds before, and in fact I managed to capture it in the previous shot:

      To think of all those times when I sat on the water, with fish jumping all around, and tried unsuccessfully to catch one in a photo… and here a fish photobombs my still seascape ;-)

  16. Such a great trip, and what beautiful sights you saw. The seal pups are so cute, and I loved seeing the lighthouses.

  17. Lobster buoys, lighthouses, photo bombing fish, they’re all great points of interest! Where do you suggest putting in for a day trip? I’ll be in Maine in July, might need to add this to the itin!

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