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Forces of Nature, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

We are about to be hit by one of the Forces of Nature…

Forces of Nature 2(In the Florida Everglades—story and more photos are here.)

A second contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature. The first contribution was here.

Forces of Nature

By Vladimir Brezina

The towers of Manhattan are insignificant under the looming storm clouds…

Forces of Nature(more photos are here and here)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature. A second contribution is here.


By Vladimir Brezina

Youngsters 1
Youngsters 2Youngsters 3From our 2011 kayak trip from Albany to NYC

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Youngsters.


By Vladimir Brezina

Intricate red cabbage 1
Intricate red cabbage 2

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Intricate.

Early Bird

By Vladimir Brezina

The early bird captures the shot…

Early Bird 1Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Early Bird 2Key Biscayne, Florida

Early Bird 3Start of the 2014 Everglades Challenge, Tampa Bay, Florida

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Early Bird.


By Vladimir Brezina


A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Ephemeral.

Ice on the River

By Johna Till Johnson

Ice on the river

Flow on, river! flow with the flood-tide, and ebb with the ebb-tide!
Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg’d waves!
Gorgeous clouds of the sun-set! drench with your splendor me, or the men and women generations after me!

Walt Whitman, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

This is quite possibly my favorite poem ever. I once memorized part of it to recite for Vlad’s birthday. It always gives me shivers, in part because Whitman was, literally, talking directly to us, “men and women generations after me”.

But this past February, there weren’t many “crested and scallop-edg’d waves”—only acres of ice floes, bobbing sluggishly in the current. It’s hard to believe that lively, open water will return–but spring is less than a month away!

Ice floes have their own bleak beauty, though, especially during a snowstorm. I recently took a walk along the East River and up alongside the Harlem River. This is what I saw (click any photo to start slideshow):