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Travel Theme: Pink

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Pink.

In NYC’s Central Park not so long ago, pink was an artificial color.

Pink in Winter

But very soon now, it will grow on every tree—

DSC_0467 cropped smallDSC_0194 cropped small 2DSC_0191 cropped smallDSC_0481 cropped smallDSC_0074 cropped smallDSC_0505 cropped smallDSC_0374 cropped smallDSC_0379 cropped small

These photos were taken in April 2013. Hopefully, a preview of coming attractions!

Another classic NYC event, later on in June, at which pink is surely the ruling color is here.

Snowy Postcards

By Vladimir Brezina

… from NYC’s Central Park.

DSC_0115 cropped smallDSC_0001 cropped smallDSC_0058 cropped smallDSC_0083 cropped smallDSC_0025 cropped smallDSC_0074 cropped small 2DSC_0160 cropped small

And more snow is on the way…

Splashes of Color

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP2698 cropped small

NYC’s Central Park, during yesterday’s snowstorm…

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

Icy Day in the Park

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0235 cropped smallDSC_0017 cropped small

A few photos I managed to capture on Saturday in Manhattan’s Central Park before my fingers started freezing—

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Happy Winter!

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Winter.

In NYC, meteorological Winter has been with us for quite some time. And with tomorrow’s Winter Solstice, astronomical Winter starts as well. But there is a silver lining—even though the coldest days are yet to come, from today the day length will steadily increase toward Spring…

In the meantime, Happy Winter!

DSC_0353 cropped small 2

However, for reasons that can’t be gainsaid, we are off to Florida for a week’s paddling, in regions that even WordPress cannot reach… Happy Holidays, and see y’all when we get back!

First Snow

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0436 cropped small

It’s snowing! The first real snow of the winter. Quick, everyone out into the park before it melts!

(Click on any photo to start slideshow)

In Central Park, NYC, yesterday.

North Versus South

By Vladimir Brezina

Different materials, but the same impulse. It’s a united country after all…

DSC_0368 cropped smallDSC_0203 cropped smallDSC_0471 cropped smallDSC_0864 cropped smallDSC_0373 cropped smallDSC_0493 cropped small

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Let There Be Light! Our first response was here, but here’s another, quite different take on the theme…

Little pools of light in the gathering darkness… The lamps come on in NYC’s Central Park on a snowy night.

IMGP0419 cropped smallIMGP0462 cropped smallIMGP0455 cropped smallIMGP0466 cropped small

February 8, 2013. More photos are here. And yet a third interpretation of “Let There Be Light!” is here.

Travel Theme: Deep

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP1224 cropped small 2Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Deep.

You never know how deep it is until you wade in…

IMGP1225 cropped small 2

New York City, December 2010. More snow photos from that winter are here and here.

Playing in the Snow

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0795 cropped smallWhat a difference a day makes!

The morning after the snowstorm, we came out into Central Park to find thousands of people playing in the snow and sunshine.





And I took a thousand photos. I am still sorting them out, but here are a few good ones—

DSC_0305 cropped smallDSC_0055 cropped smallDSC_0368 cropped smallDSC_0647 cropped smallDSC_0745 cropped smallDSC_0786 cropped smallDSC_0831 cropped smallDSC_0869 cropped smallDSC_0916 cropped smallDSC_0942 cropped small 2DSC_0972 cropped smallIMGP0645 cropped small