Around the Reservoir: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina
Posted on November 8, 2011

Yesterday I took a walk along the jogging track that encircles Manhattan’s Central Park Reservoir (more properly, I guess, the “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir”).





On the reservoir side of the jogging track, beyond the black cast-iron ornamental fence, is a steep embankment leading down into the water. In this micro-enviroment, just a few feet wide but 1.6 miles long, fall is in full swing…

More photos are here.

12 responses to “Around the Reservoir: A Photoessay

  1. Love your autumn images. As for the Reservoir, I’ll never start calling the Jackie O Reservoir. It’s just “the Reservoir.”


  2. Wow, Vladimir, these photos are gorgeous. I shall make a point of walking the reservoir this weekend. That chubby little bird peeking through the yellow leaves is cuteness personified. :)


  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Vladimir, the light was completely different when I was there today, your colours are so vivid, mine seem much more muted. It was a lovely walk. xx


  4. what stunning colors! great, happy to have stumbled upon these beautiful images, thanx for sharing


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  6. They named a ‘reservoir’ after Jackie?!?! Beautiful photos.


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