New York City

Main posts are in black (or blue if you haven’t viewed that post recently), Weekly Photo Challenges in burnt orange.

The fabric and history of New York City

Happenings in New York City

New York City’s weather and climate

The seasons in New York City

Day and night in New York City

New York City’s plants and animals

Kayaking in New York Harbor

Swimming in New York Harbor

3 responses to “New York City

  1. Wow! You have quite a resourceful library here Sir! Am I ever flattered that you stumbled over my blog post ;) Not as exciting as this, thats for sure. My daughter just returned from her first trip to New York City with family. It is an absolutely incredible place to visit.


    • NYC is certainly chock full of things to do and see, and just by showing up—which, as Woody Allen said, is 90% of success—we’ve built up the collection that you see here… :-) Thanks for visiting, and liking it!!


  2. Magical photos of my old home…

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