By Vladimir Brezina

Golden light in New York Harbor…

Tug silhouettes
In the Kill van Kull
Bayonne Bridge
Turning her aroundFrom the Hidden Harbor Tour, September 2013.

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Golden.

22 responses to “Golden

  1. All pretty but especially that third photo. The sun on the water is just beautiful.


  2. Love the light, the tone!


  3. Brill. The water and the sky hold all the gold. Very special effect.


  4. Will be in Central Park area tomorrow….searching the internet for good locations for a sunset shot, I came across your blog. If you see this, I would love a suggestions as to where might be a good location. Thanks!


    • Well, I like a bit of open space, preferably water, to the west or southwest of me for that sunset shot. So the eastern edge of the Central Park reservoir, looking west, is good—

      Farther south in the Park, the Lake, e.g. by the Boathouse Restaurant, is also good, although probably less good in winter when the sun sets farther south.

      Of course, if you can get to the roof or a high floor of a tall building near the Park, or in fact almost anywhere in the city, facing west—


  5. Oh you get the best shots of NY, Vlad, that third photo is extraordinary, so intense. xxx


  6. Vlad, You make smog look beautiful! Mother Nature’s 85B Ha! You keep pulling me back to my roots on the Hudson. Thanks.


  7. Beautiful, beautiful capturing of the light.


  8. The golden hour is such a beautiful time of day!


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