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Florida Paddling

By Vladimir Brezina

Look what’s floating by in the turquoise-green water!

IMGP0731 cropped smallIMGP0733 cropped smallIMGP0730 cropped smallIMGP0732 cropped small

I collect them all

IMGP0725 cropped small

to take them home.

IMGP0718 cropped small

But, sadly, the brilliant colors are evanescent…


By Vladimir Brezina

This synchronized team puts in a pretty impressive performance—

DSC_0043 cropped smallDSC_0051 cropped smallDSC_0054 cropped smallDSC_0056 cropped smallDSC_0058 cropped small

— and they leave the stage triumphantly!

DSC_0060 cropped small

Others are pretty good too…

DSC_0240 cropped small

but their synchronized diving still needs some work.

DSC_0480 cropped small

From a recent visit to St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Travel Theme: Bridges

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Bridges.

Ailsa asks, “Are you ready to cross the bridge when you come to it?” But we follow quite another set of routes through the city, which were there before the first bridge was ever built over them…

IMGP0174 croppedNewtown CreekIMGP0069 croppedIMGP1598 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP1426 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP0018 cropped smallIMGP1021 cropped smallIMGP3804 cropped smallIMGP0902 cropped smallIMGP0058 cropped smallNewtown CreekNewtown CreekNewtown CreekNewtown CreekIMGP0003 cropped smallIMGP0660 cropped smallIMGP0920%2520cropped%2520smallNewtown CreekEast River: Queensboro BridgeIMGP0220 croppedIMGP2379 cropped smallNewtown CreekIMGP0671 croppedIMGP1609 cropped smallHudson River: George Washington BridgeHudson River: George Washington Bridge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Forward.

IMGP5494 cropped smallIMGP6723 cropped smallIMGP2411 cropped small

A Word A Week Challenge: Industrial

By Vladimir Brezina

Over on A Word In Your Ear, Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge this week is Industrial.

Gowanus Canal

Paddling through New York Harbor, the ecosystem that we observe is not Nature, but Industry. Where elsewhere we might hope for close-up sightings of animals coming down to the water’s edge, in the harbor we observe the raw workings of industry. Industrial enterprises line the  banks and occupy the scraps of waste land in the corners of the harbor. They present their best faces to the land, but as we paddle past, through, and sometimes even under them, we peer into their back yards…

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Travel Theme: Mountains

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Mountains.

Hmmm… The water that we kayak on is usually horizontal and the waves are usually not mountainous. So I don’t have many photos of mountains.

I have visited the Alps and the Rockies. But I’ve found that I like best the smaller mountain ranges that, with perhaps no more than a thousand feet of elevation, still look and feel like real mountains. You can climb them in the morning and still be back below for supper. Yet up there, you still have those sharp peaks, precipitous slopes, and—especially when the mist rolls in—that exposed, lonely thrill. And when the mist clears, there are sunlit views far into the lowlands, even as far as the sea.

DCP_0331 croppedAs, for example, in the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico—


Weekly Photo Challenge: KISS

By Johna Till Johnson

471627_10150716407605951_747648912_oThis week’s Photo Challenge is Kiss.

What with Couples, and Love, and Valentine’s Day, we’ve had entirely too much romantic stuff lately. So, for something completely different—


A few months back, a friend and client invited me to a corporate event.

Not your typical corporate event: It was a “Battle of the Bands”, in which employee-musicians competed in front of a crowd of  hundreds of other employees and business partners.

Knowing my friend is a huge fan of the rock group KISS, I volunteered to come dressed in full KISS attire.

Okay, actually I didn’t volunteer. My business partner volunteered me, as in, “I’m sure Johna would love to dress up!”

Hmm… I’d love to, but… As the president and CEO of an up-and-coming technology research firm, did I really want to show up in front of clients and other professionals dressed like a rock star? Isn’t there something about, you know, having an image to uphold?

Upon further consideration, it took me about a nanosecond to agree with the idea. (After all, if I were diehard about maintaining a professional image, I wouldn’t be sporting a Billy Idol ‘do.)

Much longer, though, were the preparations.

First: Which member should I emulate? I was only dimly aware of the individual band members. My friend the KISS connoisseur advised that although Gene Simmons is better known, Ace Frehley’ Paul Stanley’s makeup is easier to do. (Note: As alert readers have noted, it was actually Paul Stanley’s makeup we emulated. I was confused by listening to “New York Groove” while writing this….)

Paul it was!

Then there were the logistics. Prior to the Battle of the Bands, there was an actual formal(ish) event during which we technology folks were to get briefed on the company’s products and services. The CEO would be attending. Did I want to show up at this event in KISS makeup?

In the end, I decided against that plan of action. Instead, after the event, my friend and I swiftly changed into KISS gear and did our makeup, rocking out to the sound of  “New York Groove”.

The results? I think we were a rocking pair of Pauls! And my friend accessorized with a blow-up guitar…


By sheer coincidence, some time before Vlad had taken a photo of a Gene Simmons lookalike at the Hallowe’en festivities on the Upper East Side.  He didn’t recognize the costume, though: I had to provide some additional context.

DSC_0017 cropped small 2

After all, by then I was an expert in KISS!


Great minds think alike!: To Mother Earth, with Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0127 cropped small

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Home. We’ve already posted one response, but here’s another.

Our home away from home—

IMGP2138 cropped small—on a beach at Lloyds Neck, Long Island, NY

IMGP2148 cropped small

—on the banks of the Hudson River at Stockport Middle Ground


IMGP0645 cropped small—on Magdalen Island, near Saugerties, NY

IMGP0669IMGP0667 cropped small

IMGP2543 cropped small—on the Hudson River at Denning Point, Beacon, NY

IMGP2547 cropped small

—in Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod, MA

IMGP1489 cropped small

IMGP4656 cropped small—at Jones Inlet, South Shore of Long Island, NY

IMGP6934 cropped smallIMGP7000 cropped small

—on Fire Island, NY

IMGP5017 cropped small

IMGP5854 cropped small—at Montauk Point, NY

IMGP5839 cropped small

IMGP6691 cropped small—in Sunken Meadow State Park, on the North Shore of Long Island, NY

IMGP6679 cropped small

And now, our home away from home awaits in its bag, ready for this year’s adventures!

Playing in the Snow

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0795 cropped smallWhat a difference a day makes!

The morning after the snowstorm, we came out into Central Park to find thousands of people playing in the snow and sunshine.





And I took a thousand photos. I am still sorting them out, but here are a few good ones—

DSC_0305 cropped smallDSC_0055 cropped smallDSC_0368 cropped smallDSC_0647 cropped smallDSC_0745 cropped smallDSC_0786 cropped smallDSC_0831 cropped smallDSC_0869 cropped smallDSC_0916 cropped smallDSC_0942 cropped small 2DSC_0972 cropped smallIMGP0645 cropped small