Travel Theme: Mountains

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Mountains.

Hmmm… The water that we kayak on is usually horizontal and the waves are usually not mountainous. So I don’t have many photos of mountains.

I have visited the Alps and the Rockies. But I’ve found that I like best the smaller mountain ranges that, with perhaps no more than a thousand feet of elevation, still look and feel like real mountains. You can climb them in the morning and still be back below for supper. Yet up there, you still have those sharp peaks, precipitous slopes, and—especially when the mist rolls in—that exposed, lonely thrill. And when the mist clears, there are sunlit views far into the lowlands, even as far as the sea.

DCP_0331 croppedAs, for example, in the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico—


29 responses to “Travel Theme: Mountains

  1. Love mountain photos. Great work!


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  3. Gorgeous! and great clouds too!


  4. Those mountains are beautiful, especially with those dark clouds hovering overhead. :-)


  5. Really beautiful. I love the clouds too.


  6. Just out of the world . . . Amazing . . . i just love the way mountains approach giant clouds .

    Nirav / India .


  7. super moody photos, mountains are like that … well captured!


  8. I love how the clouds or even the sky seem to touch the mountains, as if mountains are the way to Heaven and we only have to climb…
    Beautiful photos!


  9. A beautiful array of (small) mountain photos!


  10. Stunning!


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  14. Stunning, I really love the cloud formations.


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