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Travel Theme: Dry

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Dry.

As kayakers, we like Wet. We don’t like Dry at all!

“I don’t believe this!! There was water all the way up to these rocks yesterday!?”

DSC_0056 cropped small


IMGP1555 cropped small


IMGP1550 cropped small


IMGP1548 cropped small


IMGP1564 cropped small

(A day on Cape Cod Bay in 2011.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Object.

When we land somewhere on our kayaking expeditions, for lunch or to camp for the night, we aim to leave nothing behind and to take nothing with us when we leave again. But sometimes we find there a little object that just begs to be taken home as a souvenir…

Here is one such, in situ

IMGP0476 cropped small

It’s coming home with us

IMGP0477 cropped small

to join others, from other journeys

DSC_0019 cropped small

(This little green fish is a souvenir of our stay on Stockport Middle Ground during our 2011 trip down the Hudson from Albany to New York City.)

Everglades Shakedown, Day 3: Wind, Waves, and Chickees

By Johna Till Johnson
Photos by Vladimir Brezina

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Ready for adventure!

Start: Highland Beach.
Finish: South Joe River Chickee.
Distance: About 23 nautical miles.
Paddling time: Roughly 10 hours; average pace 2.3 knots.

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Our 2014 Calendar

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

It’s almost the end of January, and we’re still looking up at that blank space on the wall where our 2014 calendar should be. But we aren’t going to buy one. Rather, like last year, we are going to make our own, selecting from Vlad’s photos those that seem to us to best capture the feeling of each month.

Now, finally, it’s done, and we’ve sent the calendar off to Shutterfly to be printed.

Here are the photos that we’ve selected:


IMGP4507 cropped small(More photos are here)

Flow on, river! flow with the flood-tide, and ebb with the ebb-tide!
Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg’d waves!
Gorgeous clouds of the sun-set! drench with your splendor me, or the men and women generations after me

Walt Whitman, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

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New Bridge Over the Hudson

By Johna Till Johnson

As many of our readers know, I’m a huge fan of bridges. To me, they’re beautiful both physically and metaphorically—lovely structures that bring two sides together. Although my favorite bridge is the Hell Gate Bridge, I’m passionate about all the New York waterway bridges.

So it’s a big deal to me that New York will be replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge—and the new structure will be complete relatively soon (supposedly, by 2018).

Here’s what the Tappan Zee Bridge looks like today:

IMGP2769 cropped small

And here’s what it’s supposed to look like in future:


I’m not crazy about the outward-reaching “harp” towers… but it is a bridge, and I love bridges… What do you think?

Travel Theme: Wood

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Wood.

IMGP3315 cropped smallIMGP3316 cropped small 2

Everglades Shakedown, Day 2: Barking Vultures, Beaches, and Bugs

By Johna Till Johnson
Photos by Vladimir Brezina

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Toward the sun

Start: Darwin’s Place.
Finish: Highland Beach.
Distance: About 18 nautical miles.
Paddling time: Roughly 8 hours; average pace 2.3 knots.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition.

In New York Harbor, little boats (juxta)posed with big ships…

IMGP3098 cropped small 2Little boats & big ships 2IMGP0079 croppedLittle boats & big ships 4

The first “Juxtaposition” post was here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

By Vladimir Brezina

Prison bargeThis week’s Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition.

As we paddle along the East River, freely enjoying the wind and waves, we never fail to glance toward the top of this immense blue and white structure, where there are usually men playing basketball in a razor-wire cage…


It’s the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center, the Rikers Island prison barge.

(A second “Juxtaposition” post is here.)

Splashes of Color

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP2698 cropped small

NYC’s Central Park, during yesterday’s snowstorm…

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