Travel Theme: Dry

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Dry.

As kayakers, we like Wet. We don’t like Dry at all!

“I don’t believe this!! There was water all the way up to these rocks yesterday!?”

DSC_0056 cropped small


IMGP1555 cropped small


IMGP1550 cropped small


IMGP1548 cropped small


IMGP1564 cropped small

(A day on Cape Cod Bay in 2011.)

36 responses to “Travel Theme: Dry

  1. Oh Johna trying to paddle on the beach is hilarious, Vlad. :)


  2. Johna is quite the thespian. She perfectly displayed all the stages of grief – or lack of water – which is grief for a kayaker. :D


    • I knew those pictures would come in handy sometime!

      In the interests of veracity, I should mention that she did not go through the stages of grief in quite the right order. Maybe grief over lack of water is different from grief after a death. Further study is needed… ;-)


  3. Very funny take on the theme!


  4. What is this wet you speak of?


  5. Great photo progression! I looked at the first photo and thought, wow, that looks just like the beach in Dennis. Then, I saw that it was a Cape Cod beach! No place better! We’ve built many a major sand castle on that dry :)


  6. Wow!!! it’s a very nice picture… :)


  7. super funny – great for the dry theme – and love the stages of grief – lol…. bahaha :)


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  10. Love Cape Cod. It’s so beautiful – great biking, great beaches. Just watch out for the darn ticks. I’m kind of scared of the Cape since my Lyme ordeal.


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  12. Sweet as a Picture


    I like the colors of the kayaks.


  13. Very funny take on the theme :)


  14. Tut-tut….beached!!


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