Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Object.

When we land somewhere on our kayaking expeditions, for lunch or to camp for the night, we aim to leave nothing behind and to take nothing with us when we leave again. But sometimes we find there a little object that just begs to be taken home as a souvenir…

Here is one such, in situ

IMGP0476 cropped small

It’s coming home with us

IMGP0477 cropped small

to join others, from other journeys

DSC_0019 cropped small

(This little green fish is a souvenir of our stay on Stockport Middle Ground during our 2011 trip down the Hudson from Albany to New York City.)

60 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. What a little cutie! It simply had to be added.


  2. so much personality to add to your collection!


  3. He looks so happy to be with you – you should take him on all your trips :)


  4. Love the growing collection


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  7. I can’t help thinking that someone must have been unhappy to leave that object behind. It has found a perfect home though :)


    • Those campsites are full of old children’s toys, most of them pretty decayed (this little fish was is good shape, though). Families camp there in the summer, and when they leave, toys get left behind…


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  9. Ah, a fish out of water…you could have combined ‘object’ with’dry’!!


  10. Really like and support your stated philosophy. We belonged to the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) during the 40+ years we spent sailing blue waters. Their motto: Leave a clean wake! Honestly can say we subscribe to that aim wholeheartedly!


  11. Awesome addition to your collection! My imagination is working overtime making up stories of its beginnings.


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  14. Good Evening: That is one lucky fish! Very few objects become the object of your camera! Vonn Scott Bair


  15. A cute green fish on a yellow kayak, now That’s a fun quirky shot! :-)


  16. Mad Queen Linda

    It reminds me of Dorie from Nemo. Does it speak whale?


  17. you had absolutely NO CHOICE…. your hands were tied! you were OBLIGATED to take ‘green fish’ home with you. ;-) completely enjoyed your Groovi submission!!


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  20. LOL Vladimir! Can’t blame you for taking it :-)


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  22. there goes nemo….


  23. Thank you for liking my ‘object’ photo. Yours is adorable–the best kind of souvenir!


  24. Cute as can be…I wouldn’t be able to resist that either. :-)


  25. Such a happy fishie, in its little dishie, smiling up at Vladdi when the boat comes in…. :-)


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  27. This is a great one!


  28. Lovely, whimsical take on this challenge, Vlad! ;-)


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