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By Vladimir Brezina

The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge, usually posted on Fridays,  is sometimes delayed. Whenever this happens, bloggers get antsy. Some may even break ranks and charge ahead to propose their own themes. A while ago it was Ailsa of Where’s my backpack?. This time it’s Nicole of Thirdeyemom. Her theme is Colors.

Hmm… I’ve posted a number of posts recently that might seem to fall into that category. There’s this one, for instance, or this, or this. But not really. What we want here is not a photo where the subject is colored, but rather one where the colors are the subject…

Such as this one!

Travel Theme: Foliage

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge this week is Foliage.

Looking through my photos, about half of them seem to be of foliage (the other half, of course, kayaking…). So it’s very hard to choose! Still, here are a few shots of the foliage in NYC’s Central Park through the seasons…

East River Sunrise

By Vladimir Brezina

A Sunset is always followed by a Sunrise…

Paddling down the Hudson at Sunset…

By Vladimir Brezina

On Saturday, I was in the right place at the right time. A little rain shower gave way to a golden sunset over New Jersey, with golden reflections in Manhattan…

(At home afterwards, I stitched together a panorama in Photoshop. If I’d thought of it at the time, I would have made sure to take all the matching photos for it. Oh, well…)

… and then the World Trade Center tower glittering ahead in the purple dusk and the moon overhead…

Sunday Post: People

By Vladimir Brezina

Jakesprinter‘s Sunday Post theme this week is People.

Here are photos that I took on four different occasions in New York City over the past couple of years…

What do you think these people are doing? I’ll post the answers later, but in the meantime…

… the answer is here. (Answer September 26, 2012: They are photographing Manhattanhenge.)

… the answer is here. (Answer September 26, 2012: That’s Johna and a couple of kayaking friends, struggling back into their drysuits after a restaurant meal during an unplanned, comical visit to Red Hook, Brooklyn.)

… the answer is here. (Answer September 26, 2012: It’s the spinach-eating contest during the Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition.)

… and the answer is here. (Answer September 26, 2012: It’s the scary-looking ladies of the organizing committee at our local Halloween block party.)

Happy Fall!

By Vladimir Brezina

The Fall Equinox is later on today. Happy Fall, everyone! (Well, everyone in the northern hemisphere… for the others, Happy Spring!)

More photos are here. And a couple of earlier autumnal posts are here and here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Solitary. I’ve already posted one response; here’s another.

Solitary figures on a beach, at sunrise and at sunset…