Sunday Post: Autumn

By Vladimir Brezina

For the last few days, Fall has been in the air here in New York City. The days are still warm and sunny, but crisp rather than humid, with those deep blue skies of fall. The nights are now almost chilly. And today in Central Park, I noticed for the first time some yellow and brown in the green mass of trees, and the first few fallen dry leaves scattered along the paths…

So Jakesprinter‘s Sunday Post theme of Autumn comes perfectly timed. I have many brilliantly colorful fall foliage pictures, and I’ll post a few of them, but I’ve always liked especially this more modest photo. I took it many, many years ago, in the last millenium, still in the age of film…

A second Autumn post is here.

16 responses to “Sunday Post: Autumn

  1. Great post my friend for this week topic ,Thanks for sharing :)


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  3. Gorgeous, Vlad. I love that tangle of branches, of being in the forest, so to speak. :)


  4. Stunning Fall image. So many different autumn hues. ;)


  5. Another perfect home run …. this is beautiful.


  6. Really beautiful colours,very nice!


  7. Very nice I love the colours!


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